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PageMaster is moving three buildings south to 11340 120 Street

Three buildings south

The search for a place to flourish has led us just three buildings south, to the historic Grinnell Warehouse at 11340 120 Street. Built between 1951 and 1953, the building has character and space to grow our vision of a vibrant publishing centre. Over the last few years our business has evolved from the primary […]

Artstream Project @ Grinnell

The dust is settling from our move and we have seen some great work going out. Over the last two months Blackstone Cycle IV has been working out of the Artstream Project space. The mural for Grandin Station was created here. Workshops in sculpting, marketing and mosaics have been hosted. PageMaster has seen many new […]

Since 1996 PageMaster has been providing innovative and efficient publishing services for artists, authors, publishers, associations and businesses from Edmonton’s downtown. In October 2012 PageMaster moved to 11434 120 Street, near City Centre Airport. Stop by for a visit or bring in your publishing project.

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