Celebrating 23 Years at PageMaster Publishing

Happy 23 PageMaster

Today, PageMaster celebrates twenty-three years in business
… And what a time we’ve had! Keeping in line with our goal of helping over 5,000 Canadian creatives successfully publish their work by 2025, we are proud to announce our list has grown 28% over last year. The store now has 1078 items and our data is getting much more organized. Each week we are seeing new work.
Here’s the latest on what we’ve accomplished this year as well as quick history of PageMaster Publishing and a peek into what we have planned for the near future.

The Present

Upstairs, Artstream studio continues to hum with creative energy, its residents helping to transform the Historic Grinell Warehouse, along with the PageMaster team below, into a hub for artists both young and old. From visual artists, to musicians to freelancers, Artstream has room for all! For inquiries about renting with us check the Artstream studio rental page.
Over 70 products were added to the PageMaster bookstore in the last six month. Some notable titles include David Aaron’s Edmonton Then & Now, which ranked number one on Audrey’s Books non-fiction list in December; a series of beautifully illustrated children’s storybooks by author and ventriloquist Donna Boone; and Here’s Looking at You, Kids! A biography of Academy Award winning director, Michael Curtiz, by his granddaughter, Ilona Ryder.
The top 10 grossing products on PageMasterPublishing.ca over the past 12 months were: Sacred Teachings, Returning Home, Out of Bondage, Dogs, Horses and Me, Edmonton: Then and Now, By Fire and Storm Transformed, Warrior, Autumn in the Park, Hockeypocalypse – Season 3: Oh, Deer, Canada: Search and Discover
There’s also been a lot of love for our visual artists. Production has been busy this week with a number of our clients are setting up at the Night Of Artists in Saint Albert this weekend.

The Past

PageMaster Publication Services Inc. was registered March 20, 1996 and began in downtown Edmonton with the vision of a full range of publishing services. For the first five years most of our work was design for newspapers and other periodicals.
In 2001 we began digital printing and brought in our first perfect binder. The Indigo press brought great quality and we began art reproduction. We never intended to compete with the other printers in town, but to offer a range of services for publishing. Book distribution was put into full swing after the creation of our online store in 2012.
After seventeen years downtown we moved north. For the past five, the historic Grinnell Warehouse has been our home. Here we also offer studio rentals, an onsite bookstore, and easier access to the PageMaster offices — less traffic and free parking!


After the stretches and growth of PageMaster’s twenty-three years in business, what comes next? To grow our support for independent creatives we intend to expand our marketing offerings for authors and artists. With this in mind, we are expanding our media services, web offerings, social media and training services. This will increase opportunities for authors and artists who are looking to market themselves and their work.
We also will continue to extend our social media presence.

Quickly wrapping up

Thanks to the hundreds of authors, artists and others who have partnered with us over the past 23 years in business. You are welcome to drop in, or comment below.
We anticipate many more years of hard work, fun and adventure. God bless, and see you soon.

with Cindy Pereira