Adding capacity: Black printer for economical 6×9 books installed

On February 9, 2016 our print room shrunk a bit as a new black was installed. Adding 13x19 capacity in a black printer brings efficient printing for 6x9 books as we are seeing more demand in this size. 

With a duty cycle of a million pages per month the 8100 provides plenty of capacity for your books, newletters or booklets.

Excellent photos

The Ricoh Pro 8100s provides the best photo quality I have seen in a black-only printer. In the past we have often run photo books on the color machine for better quality but at 1200x4800 dpi, images pop.

The Ricoh replaces our aged Canon 105 with much better registration, image quality and sheet capacity. 

Full specs on the Ricoh Pro 8100s are available here.  

Inventory control with small batches 

PageMaster developed a small batch approach to book printing with runs of 20 to 200 books most common. This approach is efficient and less paper hits the recycle bin. ?With more demand for 6x9 books, the 8100 bolsters our capacity. 

Our standard turn-around time for book batches is five working days from proof approval or reorder date giving publishers and authors excellent flexibility in controlling inventory. 

To get an estimate on your printing project submit a request and be pleasantly surprised.

Ricoh Pro 8100s digital press

Installation of the high capacity 13x19 inch Ricoh Pro 8100s in our print room.

new black for PageMaster printing

Installing the 95 page per minute Ricoh Pro 8100s in the PageMaster print room