Art Fuse: An Explosion of Local Word, Image and Sound!

ART FUSE listing in Vue MagazineART FUSE: An Explosion of Local Word, Image and Sound!, hosted by yours truly Wolfgang Carstens, was launched February 21st as PageMaster welcomed author Edin Viso and artist Oksana Zhelisko.  Edin read poetry from his book Balkan Tattoo and Oksana unveiled a stunning new series of paintings!  It was followed up the next Thursday with artist Rob Longley and authors Ben Sichkaryk and Deb. E. Berg.  Ben read poetry from his book A Path to the New World and Deb. E. read excerpts from her novel Ja-Mya and the Journey.  Rob read a shory essay about the artistic process called “The Color of my Palette” and talked about his paintings.  The audience was also treated to an acoustic song by Dan Sichkaryk who took the open mic with his guitar and brought the roof down!  Last week PageMaster welcomed authors Taras Kaznasty and Jileane Stokland.  Taras read poetry from his book Dreams of Nostradamus and Jileane read excerpts from her novel We Are Mars.  Ben Sichkaryk also took the open stage and read a poem from his book A Path to the New World.

Now that we are caught up, PageMaster is proud to welcome muscian Jim McCloskey and authors Anne Hamre and Taras Kaznasty to ART FUSE tonight!  Jim will be playing a rich acoustic set with his guitar, penny-whistle and harmonica.  Anne will be reading from her new book Stories: Past, Present and Future.  Taras will be reading poetry from his book What It Means To Be Canadian.  It should be a great evening of word, image and sound!  The doors open at 6:30pm and, as always, Everyone is welcome!

I really hope you’ll come out tonight and show your support for our featured guests.  They are the brave ones!  If you’ve never been inside the Art Stream Centre before, here is your opportunity to experience what all the buzz is about!

Next week PageMaster welcomes author Warren Hathaway and artist Lori Youngman.  Warren will be reading from his book Pursuit of a Dream: The Story of Pilot Vera (Strodl) Dowling and Lori will unveil a new collection of paintings.

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ART FUSE is only one of many exciting events happening here at PageMaster!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get involved!

The fuse is lit and the time is “now!”BOOM!