Art reproduction: exploring the possibilities

Art Reproduction 

Once an image has been broken down into bits and bytes and entered the computer stream there are many possibilities for art reproduction, or art publishing. 

Cards, prints, awards, canvas... are some of the possibilities?

The work can be reproduced directly as close to the original as possible on canvas or fine art paper. It may also be reproduced as a card, graphic, ad, promotional piece, quilt or award.

Each image lends itself to different applications and PageMaster can help with many. Below are images with captions of some of our clients and their work. Click on the images for a larger view. Photos by Dale Youngman.

Artist Catherine Marchard at Art Walk. She sells cards, prints and canvas reproductions

Catherine Marchard uses cards, prints and canvas reproductions. Her work has also been published as book and magazine covers.

Artist Darren Jordan with Vessel and art reproduction on canvas

In this case, Darren Jordan and his client wanted the reproduction to have a bit more contrast. The top version is the reproduction at 36x60" on wide bars. Lighting was a challenge due to gloss and size.

Joel Abrahmson at Art Walk 2011

Art Joel created for his book Alchemy, book one: black which we printed for him. Here, he is selling individual originals as well as the completed book.

Colleen Ulliac at Art Walk 2011

Collen and an assistant at Art Walk 2011. We have created prints and canvas reproductions.

Art reproduction for Awards - image by Aaron Paquet

Local art for awards. This Aaron Paquette image was captured, printed and framed by PageMaster for annual John Humphrey Centre awards.

Judy Weiss

Judy Weiss shows off a finished quilt created in a Martha Cole workshop. Judy was in for an additional batch and was kind enough to show us the final project. We printed on cotton sheeting.

Stephanie Medford and postcards

For this series we print the raw cards for Stephanie and she enhances them. This photo taken at the 2011 Art Walk.

Acrylic and tablet artist Jared Robinson at Art Walk 2011. Art reproduction as prints, books and canvas.

This year are seeing wood and sheet metal as a base from Jared .. or digitally created files. He is one of our most prolific artists ordering canvas reproductions and prints. He recently completed a fun book titled I Came to Conquer Your Planet Earth which is available from

Leanne Schnierer with originals and prints

Leanne came to us in 2011 for prints and capture. The brightness and bold lines are refreshing. Photo from Art Walk 2011.

Artist and author, Julie Drew at Artwalk 2011

Juliie has a devotional book: God is My Refuge which we have printed for her and is available at It contains a number of color pages with her work along with stimulating thoughts..

Rachel Cadrin with canvas.

Rachel is color, texture and movement. Shown is a canvas reproduction at Art Walk 2011.

Mark Elliot

Mark has done prints and canvas reproductions. This photo at Art Walk 2011

Artist Gail Seemann at Art Walk 2011.

Gail Seemann works in oil and we have reproduced canvas, plaque mounts, prints and cards. Check out some of her fantasy pieces.

Levi Etherington at Art Walk 2011

Prints, postcards and canvas round out the originals for Levi.

Alison at Artwalk 2011

Alison has used her work in a children's book as well as cards, prints and postcards. Visit her on the PageMaster Publishing store.

This is a fairly representative sample but there are many more artists.  Thanks for supporting our artists, you may find much of their work on our on-line store.

For more on the capture process see Capturing your art

Feel free to call or contact us for more information. 

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