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April 20 update: REDUCED DAYS. Due to the constrained economy, PageMaster is closing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will respond to phone messages, emails, orders and contact form submissions during regular hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please call or email ahead to help us schedule visitors and keep everyone safe. We will be using the down days […]

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What are you looking for on This is a great place to start. I have a book I need printed. I have a book I need distributed to independent bookstores. I need a print of my art work. I have a book to self-publish. I have a catalog, directory or magazine to get to […]

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front cover of discover your hidden self by john murray

John Murray in Discover Your Hidden Self

John Murray is another new PageMaster creative highlighting his new book Discover your Hidden Self. This book will not only lift your spirit, but also provides hope, purpose and encouragement. When you have self-confidence and find peace within yourself, you are capable of anything. John Murray wants others to have a better perspective of themselves […]

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front cover of creative robert proudfoot book

Introducing Creative Robert Proudfoot

PageMaster is proud to introduce new creative Robert Proudfoot, with his book A Playful Policeman Meets the Citizen-Making Teacher. A Playful Policeman Meets the Citizen-Making Teacher looks into the adventurous lives of two multi-generation Prince Edward Islanders. Notably, they were among thousands of migrating people who helped build and shape Edmonton. Robert Proudfoot is the […]

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Illustrated books sampling

What size can my book be?

Size options for your bookBook size affects its reception in the market, its printing cost, its ability to convey graphics, its portability… The primary question when choosing the size of your book is, “What suits the content best?” This includes the aspect ratio of art and and the space needed to communicate. Some sizes feel imposing, […]

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front cover of wellness on a plate cookbook by hannah deacon

Introducing Hannah Deacon’s Cookbook

Are you looking for a book that illustrates healthy recipes, nutritional facts, and tips on how to prepare healthy meals? In that case, Wellness on a Plate by Hannah Deacon is the cookbook you’ll want. PageMaster had the great honour of working with Hannah Deacon to publish her cookbook. Hannah is a Registered Dietitian with […]

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front cover of edmonton through the eyes of its artists by swca

Introducing SWCA: Edmonton Artists

PageMaster would like to acknowledge new creatives. Local Edmonton artists, affiliated in the Society of Western Canadian Artist (SWCA). Edmonton artists show the beauty of Edmonton in their new book, Edmonton Through the Eyes of its Artists. To illustrate, this book takes the time to depict Edmonton as the stunning and beautiful city it is. […]

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