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Access during Covid-19

Open for Summer update: Hours have changed and are close to tradition at PageMaster. Appointments are required for all consultations, but not pickups or drop offs. The bookstore is also open. Stay creative and connected. Hours updateOpening at 9:00. Closing at 4:30 except 5:30 on Wednesday and Thursday. Appointments on Saturday are possible. Hopefully the worst is […]

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Start here on Pagemaster.ca

Start Here

What are you looking for on PageMaster.ca? This is a great place to start. I have a book I need printed. I have a book I need distributed to independent bookstores. I need a print of my art work. I have a book to self-publish. I have a catalog, directory or magazine to get to […]

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Formatting for readability

Line length On a page over 6 inches wide, text lines are generally too long for comfortable reading in a single column. Typesetting guidelines suggest an optimal line length is between 1.5 and 2 alphabets (39-52 characters). The standard letter format with 1″ margins on a 8.5″x11″ page is too long. Do your readers a favour […]

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Publsihing 25 years, rolling with changes f14plusHarrierFlyBy-P8180456

25 years! Rolling with industry changes!

In the 25 years since incorporating PageMaster, there have been significant disruptions. The intention was never to become a commercial print or graphic design shop; but to provide efficient, high-quality services around publishing. This is a reflection on the past 25 years in publishing, and how the company has rolled with industry changes and opportunities. Three […]

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front cover of death of marx and lenin ideology seyed ali asghar emadi pahandari

Death of Marx & Lenin Ideology

Death of Marx & Lenin Ideology is a read you don’t want to miss. Seyed Ali Asghar Emadi Pahandari is our newest PageMaster creative. PageMaster had the honour of interviewing the new author and his views on Marxism and Leninism. “In the year 1993 or 1994, I used to write about Marxism and Leninism in […]

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Sharing Hope: front cover of hope connections by writers' cafe

Sharing hope through writing

Through this pandemic the Writers’ Café shares hope through writing in their newest book, Hope Connections. In this newest book, each writer expresses their individuality through stories and poems. Stories that not only enlighten one’s heart, but bring about a sense of hope to all readers. In this chaotic world, hope is a friendly reminder […]

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front cover of the wild geese are tracking again by hubert luken

Hubert Luken’s Memoir

New PageMaster Creative Hubert Luken has finally released his memoir, The Wild Geese are Tracking Again. A memoir of war, hardship, family and faith. As a child, he went through hardships with his family during and after World War II in war-torn Germany. One can only imagine what sort of scenes a child would see […]

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front cover of georgie shark and covid-19 by stephanie liu

Explain Covid-19 to your Kids!

Are you having difficulties trying to explain Covid-19 to your Kids? This virus has affected us all traumatically. Even sharks underwater are just as scared as humans about the virus! Dr. Stephanie Liu has released her new kids book Georgie Shark and Covid-19 that helps children better understand the virus and life during the pandemic. […]

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