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Formatting for readability

Line length On a page over 6 inches wide, text lines are generally too long for comfortable reading in a single column. Typesetting guidelines suggest an optimal line length is between 1.5 and 2 alphabets (39-52 characters). The standard letter format with 1″ margins on a 8.5″x11″ page is too long. Do your readers a favour […]

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Publsihing 25 years, rolling with changes f14plusHarrierFlyBy-P8180456

25 years! Rolling with industry changes!

In the 25 years since incorporating PageMaster, there have been significant disruptions. The intention was never to become a commercial print or graphic design shop; but to provide efficient, high-quality services around publishing. This is a reflection on the past 25 years in publishing, and how the company has rolled with industry changes and opportunities. Three […]

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Pricing your book guide

Pricing your book

Is your book priced right? With the rise of self-publishing, authors have the responsibility of setting the price for their book. I am often asked for guidance and have seen pricing mistakes. This article considers basic pricing components and a simplified break-even analysis to help you understand pricing options.“The moment you make a mistake in […]

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2 covid-19 social distancing

Access during Covid-19

Open for Summer update: Hours have changed and are close to tradition at PageMaster. Appointments are required for all consultations, but not pickups or drop offs. The bookstore is also open. Stay creative and connected. Hours updateOpening at 9:00. Closing at 4:30 except 5:30 on Wednesday and Thursday. Appointments on Saturday are possible. Hopefully the worst is […]

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folding art and note cards

Steps to publish your art as cards, notecards or postcards

Publishing your work as art cards, notebooks and postcardsArt cards, notebooks and postcards are excellent for getting your name out there while earning some coin. Notebooks are working well for abstract artists where color and feeling draw. Postcards are great for photographs and promotion. Our standard art cards come as 5″ x 7″, note card (1/4 […]

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