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Pricing your book guide

Pricing your book

Is your book priced right? With the rise of self-publishing, authors have the responsibility of setting the price for their book. I am often asked for guidance and have seen pricing mistakes. This article considers basic pricing components and a simplified break-even analysis to help you understand pricing options.“The moment you make a mistake in […]

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2 covid-19 social distancing

Access during Covid-19

Hours updateAlong with the time change we fell back to normal hours with minor changes. Opening at 8:30. Closing at 5:00 except 6:00 on Thursday and 4:00 on Friday.  The dearth of April is hopefully behind us. We are seeing a lot of family legacy books coming through, and for September, we actually were ahead […]

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Africa It's time by Charles Balenga, cover design by Dale Youngman

Book Cover Design Primer

Presenting your book – a book cover primerFirst impressions are important in life and for your book. Each aspect of a skillful book cover design builds anticipation and communicates your content. The front cover calls the reader and gets the book noticed and picked up. The back cover’s job is to get the book opened.First […]

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Anton Chekov author image

Writers on writing, and rewriting

Write well: writers on writing, and re-writing Following the earlier post Setting Clear Objectives; You have identified your target reader, know your big idea, have defined the structure, and immersed yourself in the subject. Writing provides the opportunity to reflect, revise and polish. The words tumble out, sometimes in perfect order, but usually somewhat raw. […]

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excellent writing: clear objectives

Excellent writing: Clear objectives and one big idea

Excellent writing begins before the draftGreat writing is rooted in clear thinking. By setting clear objectives before the draft, writing will be easier, more effective and faster. A compelling article, engaging book or riveting speech brings one main point clearly into focus and, with supporting content, evokes a response. Excellent writing begins with clarity. Before the […]

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Join Our Team

Help Canadian Creatives Successfully PublishJoin PageMaster as a team member, supplier or freelancer to assist us in our goal of helping 5,000 Canadian creatives successfully publish before 2025. Our core is the taking of an idea and growing it, and polishing it, and reproducing it, and distributing it, so the idea takes root and bears […]

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PageMaster book distribution - shipping

Book distribution options – getting your book found

3 ways to distribute your book On Your OwnNo PageMaster Distributiongreat for family books and course material contact us about your needs We Help You SellBasic PageMaster Distributionincrease your reachincluding on-line salesWE HANDLE THE DETAILS get started + Enlist 3rd PartiesPageMaster Premium Distributionincrease your market exposure through more than 39,000 retailers, libraries, and other points of sale.  […]

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