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PageMaster Sites Training

Using PageMaster Sites is easy and empowering. Harnessing the power of the WordPress content management system, you can manage update your own website as needed. Video Training Here is our growing list of PageMaster Sites tutorial videos where you can learn to manage your website and learn to use WordPress, step by step. Setting Up […]

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Creative Sparks for the New Year

It’s a Brand New Year, What Will You Create and How Will You Share It? With memories of fireworks and friends fresh in our minds, it is the season for reflecting backward and planning forward. For authors and artists, this is a great time to consider what you’d like to create this coming year, and […]

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Merry Christmas from PageMaster

It’s easy to tell that it’s Christmas at the PageMaster office these days. If the nativity and garland on the front counter didn’t give it away, you’d soon hear the eclectic stream of Christmas music flowing from our Creative room. And if perhaps you didn’t hear that, you’d discover baking laid out, far too tempting, […]

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Leatherbound theme preview

Artist Sites

PageMaster Sites are tailored to the needs of artists. We’ve worked with artists for years, doing art reproduction, and have gained insight into artists’ needs and frustrations regarding websites. PageMaster Sites for artists seek to provide a simple, effective way for artists to maintain a web presence. You can view our sample sites here. Content […]

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