Book distribution options – getting your book found

3 ways to distribute your book 

Author Distribution

On Your Own

No PageMaster Distribution

great for family books
and course material

PageMaster Distribution

We Help You Sell

Basic PageMaster Distribution

increase your reach
including on-line sales

Premium book distribution

+ Enlist 3rd Parties

PageMaster Premium Distribution

increase your market exposure through more than 39,000 retailers, libraries, and other points of sale. 

What is distribution?

The role of distribution is to make your book available to potential readers. The role of promotion is to spread the word letting potential readers know how it will benefit them. 

The book industry has traditionally been almost a consignment model, with books returnable if not sold. Books are "purchased" by booksellers and then returned if not sold or moving too slowly. You have seen bins of "remainder" books at steep discounts as a result of this ship and return model. 

Full-service distributors develop a niche and actively promote titles to their network. Wholesalers carry most books and fill orders. You could compare the level of service as similar to that of a discounter (Costco) and that of a boutique (your specialty shop). PageMaster does not have the volume, margins or narrow focus required to market effectively directly to resellers. Our premium distribution option is in line with other self-publishing services available in expensive packages.

Our services are non-exclusive and you are free to find niche outlets and channels, so you find the book distribution options that work for you. 

POD option for print

Most of our self-publishing competition offers print on demand (POD) printing through LIghtning Source. You are listed in the catalogues and are led to believe your books will find their way into bookstore shelves. This is unlikely, and their fees can be significant. We do want our authors to have their books as available as possible, but we also want to ensure it works financially. 

So, as well as the listings we have been doing since 2012, we have partnered with Lightning Source to increase availability. With this option, your book is available to over 39,000 outlets through (POD) technology. In this model, a book is printed when it is ordered saving the risk of overruns and saving inventory and shipping costs. Through technology, setup costs have been reduced and since many books can come from the same manufacturer ordering and shipping are efficient for the retailers. For Amazon sales we are also leveraging Create-Space services.  


Worldwide E-book distribution is Included in our premium package is through the major e-book stores: Amazon, iBooks and Kobo in our premium package.  You may also opt out and manage individual or all platforms. 

Our basic package includes direct downloads for both Kindle and Kobo/Nook platforms on our on-line store. We do have you covered so you can focus on writing and life. 

PageMaster book distribution options


Author Distribution


PageMaster Distribution


Premium book distribution


Purchase books wholesale

Sell books directly

Freedom to opt in/out 

Talk to a real person


Non-exclusive contracts

E-commerce enabled

Hassle-free worldwide shipping

E-book sales (conversion extra)

Major E-book sites

Your printed book available to resellers worldwide 

Indie bookstores (BookManager)

Amazon .ca and .com

Barnes & Noble

Author Distribution



PageMaster is a partner in the steps you need in creating and printing your book. We can also ship to stores, purchasers or conferences for you. 

  • free to pursue other channels. 
  • editorial and publishing assistance
  • graphic design including covers
  • small batch printing (20-1,000) 
  • CAD - no customs or exchange fees
  • local Edmonton pickup

PageMaster is a partner member of ALLi

 a  non-profit association for self-published authors who value ethics and excellence.

Alliance of Independent Authors
From the ALLi site: 

Our ALLi’s Partner Membership, is our association’s attempt to offer a trustworthy guide to the global author services sector.

Each service listed here has been vetted by our Watchdog team and adheres to ALLi’s Code of Standards.

Our aim is to connect indie authors with the best author services available through the Partner Search facility and  Partner Member Directory.

PageMaster Distribution



We offer sales and fulfillment services through the web site and physical store in Edmonton. We do also sell at events. 

  • Everything in DIY plus
  • ISBN and national library compliance
  • freedom from shipping and admin (do what you love).
  • downloadable e-book sales
  • on-line presence (increased exposure) 
  • your page with photo and blurb including links to your products
  • accurate shipping rates for purchasers
  • credits can pay your next print order
  • highest net revenue other than direct sales.
  • free to pursue other channels, including direct sales

The store operates on a consignment basis with 10% of the sales price going to run the store and 15% for marketing. An affiliate program is in place. When sending purchasers to the store, authors and artists receive 90% of the revenue (less manufacturing costs). 


Free to PageMaster clients

Premium book distribution



Add POD and e-book distribution for your book with no inventory invested. Access a global network of over 39,000 outlets to expand your reach. 

  • Everything in BASIC plus
  • worldwide POD printing
  • direct to indie stores 
  • on, .com, and Barnes & Noble 
  • major ebook outlets
  • introductory blog and social media posts

lightning source
Amazon Kindle
apple iBooks


+ $19/yr. renewal

Marketing is a topic for another post, and is critical for sales. People must know about your book.