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Publishing your book can be more affordable than you think. At PageMaster Publication Services we want to work with you and personalize your experience. We don't like hidden costs and upsells and want you to know all the costs upfront. Request a personalized book estimate and see if we can surprise you with how affordable and quick the process can be.

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Printing prices are one component of the entire package personalizing your publication package.

Please fill out the form below to help us understand your needs. If you are not certain of your requirements, we will offer some best selections for you. From this information we will provide a proposal for the services you request. From there we can discuss the project and adjust based on your objectives, budget and the work. Expect a response within three business days.

Design, Printing, Distribution and Marketing

Or create, polish, prepare, publish. 

Rather than a few packages, PageMaster takes a "build your own" menu allowing you to get the services you and your work need. We offer editorial reviews, proofreading, scans and digitizing of originals, book block and cover design, cover illustration coordination, in-house book printing and bindery, POD and e-book distribution, and marketing services including author web sites. 

You may also call or email and book an appointment to go over your project. More complex projects do take more time and resources, so subsequently cost more.


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Simplified Gantt Chart for books from proofreading to distribution.

How fast? We do believe in plenty of proof cycles to ensure you are happy with your book and it gets the care it deserves. Some clients look to us for the full project from editorial review to marketing assistance, others are looking for just one aspect of the publishing matrix. The initial preparation, complexity of the work, overall size and proofing returns determine the time-line. Most book projects that are through the editing and proofreading stage have books in hand within a month. We operate on a small batch model and subsequent reprints without changes are completed in a week. An initial batch of 4 to 20 books are prepared for final review within the initial project. Subsequent projects are opened for Premium Distribution (including ebooks) and the full initial run. If there are no changes between the initial batch and the full run we waive the run setup fee. We want you to be proud of your books. 

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