Stat Holidays at PageMaster

We are a Canadian based business based in Alberta and are closed for celebration and rejuvenation on the following national and regional holidays. There are nine stat holidays in Alberta, with Easter Monday, Heritage Day, and Boxing Day optional.

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PageMaster is closed on the following days:

January 1 – see Christmas through New Years

February 20, 2023: Alberta Family Day

3rd Monday in February

PageMaster owner Dale Youngman with Lori at the Ice Castle in February 2016. PageMaster is closed on the Family Day stat,
PageMaster owner Dale Youngman with wife Lori at the Ice Castle in February.

Enjoy your day filled with love and laughter on Family Day. This welcome mid-winter break is on the third Monday in February. Other provinces celebrating Family Day include: BC. New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Islander Day in PEI, Heritage Day in Nova Scotia and Louis Riel Day in Manitoba are also celebrated on the same day.

April 7, 2023: Good Friday

Risen by Lori Youngman painted as part of a series.
Risen by Lori Youngman painted as part of a series.

Good Friday is the day when Christians from many denominations commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and look forward to Easter Monday and the resurrection. (PageMaster is open Monday).

May 22, 2023: Victoria Day

Monday before May 25

Queen Victoria in front the Canadian flag to celebrate Victoria Day holiday

The Sovereign’s birthday is honoured by Canadians as Victoria Day on the third Monday in May before May 25. The Royal Union Flag, commonly known as the “Union Jack” is flown along with the National Flag at federal buildings, airports, military bases and other federal buildings and establishments within Canada, from sunrise to sunset, to mark this day where physical arrangements allow.

July 1: Canada Day

Closed Friday, June 30, 2023.

Alberta Leg on Canada Day - the stat holiday celebrating Canada's birthday.
The Alberta Legislature in the background on Canada Day.

Celebrate Canada’s 156th birthday with the pride and joy. Join the party in your community!

September 4, 2023: Labour Day

First Monday in September

Canadian Maple leafs in the background with text in front saying Happy Labour Day

Marked on the first Monday in September, Labour Day marks the end of Summer and much more. In a time when workers’ rights are taken for granted it’s no wonder that the origins of Labour Day are confined to the history books. What evolved into just another summer holiday began as a working class struggle and massive demonstration of solidarity in the streets of Toronto.

October, 9, 2023; Thanksgiving Day

Second Monday in October

Orange background with Canadian Maple Leafs saying Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Share a great feast with family and friends and be thankful for all you have.

November 11: Remembrance Day

Remembering Dieppe display wall
Mobile Dieppe display wall by PageMaster honouring the scarifies of our veterans and their families.

We observe Remembrance Day in honour of the soldiers who sacrificed for for our freedom.

December 24 – January 2: Christmas through New Years

Closing on Friday, December 23rd, opening at 9am Tuesday, January 2, 2024

in Excelsis Deo by Lori Anne Youngman
In Excelsis Deo, part of Recovering the AWE series by Alberta artist Lori Anne Youngman

PageMaster has closed for the week between Christmas and New Years over the past number of years.

We at PageMaster encourage you to celebrate stat holidays with your communities. Please plan ahead for any orders you may require. For any inquiries, or to book an appointment, please log into the customer portal or contact us.

updated Dec. 19/22