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PageMaster Sites

Understanding PageMaster Sites

  At Pagemaster we want you be successful in your online marketing. We create websites  and provide you training  to see you succeed. This post is part of our series from our Site Training Workbook. PageMaster Sites make use of WordPress, a powerful, open-source Content Management System (CMS). What this means is that the WordPress […]

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What To Include in a Media Kit

At Pagemaster Sites  we create marketing websites for authors and artists and train you how to use your site to market your books and art. Check us out today. In this tutorial we show you what to include in a media kit if your an author. See the rest of our online training.

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3 Computer Keyboard with CONFUSED key

How to Have A Website and Keep All of Your Hair

I’ve worked with websites a lot over the years, so it is amazing I still have a full head of hair. Back when I was doing marketing for a college, I was faced with a decision I’m sure many authors and artists face every day; pay someone big bucks to build and maintain our website, […]

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Sizing Up Your Images for Print

You’ve shot that masterpiece image of the Canadian rockies, and it is breathtaking. It’s so breathtaking, you’d love to see it printed on a canvas and hung on your living room wall. Or, perhaps you’d love to print some cards of your images to sell, promote your photography or give to friends and family. But […]

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I don’t want my document to bleed, do I?

Like any industry, printing has it’s collection of jargon and technical terms. While these terms help us get the job done right at professional printers, they can create a roadblock for you when you are in the process of creating a document for print. A lack of understanding of what is required when you provide […]

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