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What size can my book be?

Size options for your bookBook size affects its reception in the market, its printing cost, its ability to convey graphics, its portability… The primary question when choosing the size of your book is, “What suits the content best?” This includes the aspect ratio of art and and the space needed to communicate. Some sizes feel imposing, […]

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Pricing your book guide

Pricing your book

Is your book priced right? With the rise of self-publishing, authors have the responsibility of setting the price for their book. I am often asked for guidance and have seen pricing mistakes. This article considers basic pricing components and a simplified break-even analysis to help you understand pricing options.“The moment you make a mistake in […]

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3 Books On Craft All Writers Should Read

What’s a better way to be inspired to write than by turning to those who are already successful in the craft? Writing and reading go hand in hand—here are 3 books on craft that all writers should read. On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction by William Zinsser Praised for his clarity and […]

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All About NaNoWriMo

November often signals the start of winter—the days are shorter, the nights are longer. The air becomes crisp and, depending on where you live, there might already be snow on the ground. Many choose to take refuge indoors during November. Some prefer to spend the month binging their favourite series on Netflix, others take up […]

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Canadian Vs. American Spelling

From “zee” to “zed” to the “l” to the double-l (“ll”) and all those extras “u”s, the difference between Canadian and American spelling can be dizzying to even the most capable of writers. Here are a couple resources that we’ve found helpful to peruse while tackling the issue of Canadian Vs. American spelling. Translation Bureau, […]

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Africa It's time by Charles Balenga, cover design by Dale Youngman

Book Cover Design Primer

Presenting your book – a book cover primerFirst impressions are important in life and for your book. Each aspect of a skillful book cover design builds anticipation and communicates your content. The front cover calls the reader and gets the book noticed and picked up. The back cover’s job is to get the book opened.First […]

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3 Easy Methods for Drafting Your Book

Drafting your book can feel like a Herculean task. Writers often ask: where do I start, how many drafts, where do I go next? It can be overwhelming, but we’ve found that finding a drafting method that clicks for you can help. Here are three popular drafting methods that our writers swear by, with a […]

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