Introducing DairyBob: Milk Bottle Historian

Longtime PageMaster creative, Bob Snyder, has released Wash and Return Daily and an updated edition of Milk Bottles of Alberta Volume 2.

Cover photo of Dairy Bob's book release Wash and Return Daily
Cover photo of Bob Snyder’s new book Wash and Return Daily now available in store

More than 20 years have passed, and Bob is not giving up on acquiring dairy artifacts from the early 19th century.  One could call this hobby as striking, with a hint of mind-boggling.  Above all, Bob values history and heritage through the collection of Milk Bottles in Western Canada.  It should be acknowledged the wide range of research he puts in, and the determination to obtain such priceless possessions. 

His passion for this project is inspiring to anyone who enjoys a simple hobby and takes it further. This project has become part of the extensive Royal Alberta Museum Collection. Data is available to serious researchers to analyze and study.

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Preview of Dairy Bob's website on publication page
Preview of Bob Snyder’s website on publication and articles page

To further discussion, was created – a site created for historians or dairy patrons who enjoy sharing their own experience with milk bottles they’ve encountered, or the good old days at the creamery.  The layout gives a brief bio on the creator himself, a tremendous gallery, and articles galore. New books are always up to date on the site. For a quick preview, go to for a preview.

New Books & New Editions

With his new book, Wash and Return Daily, he goes into detail with a plethora of articles about the milk bottle’s in his own collection and gives a thorough interpretation.  In summary, if you are fellow historian of Western Canada, or a dairy advocate, then this book may be right for you. 

Cover photo of Dairy Bob new edition Milk Bottles of Alberta Volume 2
Cover photo of new edition Milk Bottles of Alberta Volume 2

On our online store, Milk Bottles of Alberta Volume 2 (Third Edition), is available as well. 

His first book, Milk Bottles in Alberta, it presents a new collector’s guide to Alberta milk bottles and gives more description on the history of dairy and creameries

To get more acquainted with Snyder’s collection of Milk Bottles, please visit his site