Death of Marx & Lenin Ideology

Death of Marx & Lenin Ideology is a read you don’t want to miss. Seyed Ali Asghar Emadi Pahandari is our newest PageMaster creative.

front cover of death of marx and lenin ideology
Front Cover of Death of Marx & Lenin Ideology by Seyed Ali Asghar Emadi Pahandari

PageMaster had the honour of interviewing the new author and his views on Marxism and Leninism.

In the year 1993 or 1994, I used to write about Marxism and Leninism in the Persian Language, because at that time I was Marxism and Leninism. In the year 1998, I called one of my Party members “Labour Party of Iran.I told them ‘I do not agree with Marx and Lenin and I can’t be a member of this party.’ In 2008 I started to write about the different things on the web but I still had little sympathy with Marx and Lenin. In 2018, I completely rejected Marxism and Leninism. In fact, I reject any idea! I believed the idea is a chain in people’s neck and I believed none of the political parties able to build a better world, unless people become ready for a better life. This encouraged me to write a book and tell the truth about what is communist to the people.

Ali’s sense of integrity was a passion like no other. He strongly states that he does not have any ideology, nevertheless his book is true rather than ideology. Politics are a touchy subject that can lead to back-lash and hard criticism, the Iranian-Canadian is never nervous.

I am not a violent person. I believe that by talking, human beings can reach the right result. Even if neither of them accepts each other’s words. I am looking forward to critics.

It took him almost a year to create this book. Although it is a short book, the content is informative, amazing and should be read with an open-mind.

He hopes that when people read his book, readers will be able to understand all left “even Radical Left” groups are not communist. “To understand what is the communist and how they can reach it. Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad came to provide a better life for them and people were not ready. I wanted people to make them ready for a better society; otherwise, they can not have it.

A highly recommended read, but this will not be his last book. Over time, he plans to write a science fiction book.

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