Dinosaur Murt Book Launch with Sheree McKewen

Sheree McKewen’s second book, Dinosaur Murt – Memory Valley launch was celebrated Saturday, June 17 at the ACT centre in Edmonton's Rundle Park.

For the kids, drafts of the illustrations were available to color. Pith helmets marked the adventure and face painting and plenty of dinosaurs were part of the celebrations. 

In Memory Valley, Murt is a bit of an archaeologist figuring out how "people" things worked because each day plants, animals and good ideas are lost here on Earth. In the story you are invited to Join Murt who has made it his job to make sure they are not forgotten.

The ACT centre is a fully accessible facility which is important for Sheree and many of her connections as she has lived with Cerebral Palsy.

For more of Sheree's story visit her website
To order Dinosaur Murt or Sheree's first book, Moma had a Purple Nose visit our online store or drop in at PageMaster in Edmonton. There are currently 43 titles in the children's book section. 

    Author Sheree McKewan

    Sheree McKewan and daughter Rachel at the Dinosaur Murt launch.

    Face painting as part of the Dinosaur Murt children's book launch at the ACT in Rundle Park.

    Author Sheree McKewen with coloring at launch

    Sheree and the coloring activities at her Dinsaur Murt book launch.