Explain Covid-19 to your Kids!

Are you having difficulties trying to explain Covid-19 to your Kids? This virus has affected us all traumatically. Even sharks underwater are just as scared as humans about the virus! Dr. Stephanie Liu has released her new kids book Georgie Shark and Covid-19 that helps children better understand the virus and life during the pandemic.

Explain Covid-19 to your kids. front cover of Georgie Shark and covid-19 by Dt. Stephanie Liu
Georgie Shark and Covid-19 available at pagemasterpublishing.ca

With the pandemic on the rise with cases, Dr. Stephanie Liu, a local family doctor and clinical lecturer in Edmonton, needed a fun way to educate her kids about Covid-19. The best way to explain it was by creating this book.

Join Georgie Shark as he is willing to understand how the virus is affecting our world and how to deal with this new normal.

For more information on Stephanie Liu, you can visit her site, https://lifeofdrmom.com/about/. To purchase her book on our store, visit PageMasterPublishing.ca.