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Questions on art reproduction including for use in books

If I get a piece of artwork scanned and printed, will it be on file so I can make more prints in the future, or do I have to get it scanned each time?

Yes, we keep the digital file as well as a proof to check color on subsequent reprints.

I want to print in 18 inches by 12 inches in 300 dpi size. But the image saved in TIFF format is more than 50 mb. How to reduce the image size or how to save in JPG with high quality.

Save as a highest quality JPG and the size should be reasonable.

The first save to JPG with highest quality settings will maintain almost all the image and be much smaller. Each time you make a change in JPG and resave you lose quality. So you want to work in uncompressed or LZW tiff until you have that final one to send. Compression will depend on the image detail. You still may need to use a file transfer service. 

The pixels count is 5184 x 4356, but the dpi is only 72!!!  What does that represent in print-ability?

Actual size printed is the important number. At 72 ppi your image is 72x60 inches. Converting to print at an optimum size of 300ppi yields 17.28 inches. The formula is 5184 pixels / 300 desired ppi = 17.28 inches. Plenty for most applications.

Our tests show that at 240 you can't see the difference, but you do begin to notice at below 144ppi. [5184/144=36]. So no problem for a three foot canvas (resolution isn't the only factor).

What size of paper art prints you make that come with cardboard backing and plastic wrap?

The $5 packaged digital press prints are on a 13x19 sheet - we usually use a 11x14 or so image so it fits a standard frame. We also do these 1/2 size for an 8x10 image with borders. The wide format 12 color printer can handle up to 44 inches on the short dimension and we usually leave a minimum of one inch border. RGB at 300 ppi is best (lower than 144ppi at actual size starts to show). Ensure images do have a color management profile for art printing. 

I would like to get a quote for printing 3 different folding cards. 5.75x5.75 folded with 6"x6" envelopes. quantities of 25 of each, 50 and 100. The cards are 4/0 colours.

There is no additional cost on mixing up the images in your card order if the quantities are the same. This size is printed 3 per sheet. A total of 99 cards are about $106 including bags and envelopes before tax or design time. As there is run setup cost we don't recommend doing smaller quantities. 

Can you make prints on to fabric? 

Yes, we print on cotton sheeting for quilters and polyester fabric for banners. Costs are similar to canvas before stretching.