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Publishing questions and answers gathered here are presented by topic under each tab. If you have a question that isn't answered here please contact us.  

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Questions on distribution and marketing

Is distribution just for books? 

PageMaster offers visual artists and photographers distribution through our on-line store so they can reach a wider audience with their prints and cards

Can you tell me what your fees are regarding publishing agreement and other distribution/promotion costs?  

All our distribution options are non-exclusive and you retain full rights to sell your work. Books or prints you purchase are at wholesale pricing. so you are not paying any royalties. Creative services are competitive and billed according to the complexity of the project.  

Basic distribution is available with all books printed by PageMaster. Books are listed on our online store and available through during office hours in Edmonton. A 27% commission rate applies (you get 73%) and there is no other fee for this service. 

Premium distribution is available for $108 and includes listings in Bowker books in print, PubStock (independent bookstores), and sales on our Amazon and iBooks stores. Distribution through Lighting Source POD can also be opted in. Currently a net commission of 18% applies (for $1000 worth of sales after third party fees, you get $820).

What do you do for Marketing on line:

Our online store provides both product pages and author pages optimized for SEO. An affiliate program is also in place to increase traffic. We will write blogs for launches and post to our facebook page

We offer competitive website packages to Authors and Artists. Our sites are best for those who don't want to deal with the technical aspects of maintaining a site. They are built on WordPress using your own domain name and include initial site setup assistance. 

We also assist in media kit creation to assist in publicity.