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Questions on book content, creation, and printing

How long does it take to have my books ready once the proof is approved?

Our standard time for up to 100 books is 5 working days (order on Monday and books are ready the Tuesday of the following week). Allow up to three extra days for special paper (we may have it in stock) and time for shipping.

Who holds the copy rights to the book?

You do. In order for us to distribute it through print on demand we do need the distribution agreement which grants some limited rights. To use our ISBNs we do require at minimum, a basic distribution agreement.

Would you be able to burn it onto a CD for any future printings?

We archive all books for future printing at no charge. We can burn your final files to disk for a small fee or we can copy them to a USB key so you have a copy too.  

Will print ONE COPY as a proof copy, before printing a whole batch?

There are two parts to this answer

  1. We include a binder proof in all estimates. We know that seeing the book printed out will help ensure formatting is correct and a few more typos will surface. A binder proof is printed on the same type of paper as the final book but with crop marks and hole punched for a standard 3-ring binder. A finished book is possible but at additional cost. Our alternative is next.  
  2. For initial runs we like to print between 4 and 48 to ensure everything is great. As long as you give us the go-ahead within 30 days and there are no changes, we will waive the setup fee on the balance of the run. If there are changes, you are not stuck with books you are not proud of. 

Do you do print on demand? 

Print on demand has come to mean one copy at a time. We print small batches, usually between 20 and 200 books at a time.

How are books ordered by potential readers? 

That depends on distribution options. Most bookstores will take consignment copies from you. With basic distribution readers can order from our website or visit us. With premium distribution they can order online from most bookstores or request a copy (most likely special order).

How much will a potential reader pay for a copy of the book?

You set the price, but it needs to be at least double production cost per book. See

About how much would it cost to print a 60 to 100 page book?

A 100 page book on 50 pound opaque in standard 5.25 x 8 size is $3.38. In 6 x 9 size the cost each is $3.57. There is an additional $44 setup cost per run and we print in increments of four. Other sizes are available. 

Looking for prices for a soft cover trade book, 6 x 9 format, combo of color and b&w.

We do print mixed color and black books. Color adds between $0.0435 per page and $0.0825 per page, per book depending page size and volume discounts. 

Can I just get you to print if I have my book edited, formatted and cover design?

PageMaster does not charge you for doing the work you have already done. We will help with what you request, and suggest what you may need.  There is a small one-time cost for the binder proof, cover adjustment and imposition. 

I have recently published a book which is available online now. I have the print ready files, how do I go about getting about 40 books printed and what would be the cost?

Files can be dropped off on a USB stick, sent by email or via a cloud service like DropBox.  You can use the estimate or contact form if you are new to PageMaster. Clients can contact us through their account portal. 

To provide an estimate we need to know the trim size and number of pages. As of November 2022 a 200 page book in 5.25 x 8 inch size is $5.28; 6 x 9 is $5.67 on standard 50# opaque. There is a $44 per run setup fee plus the initial cost of setting up your files for print. 

I am wondering if you be interested in publishing my book

PageMaster provides assisted self-publishing services and does not purchase rights. We are pleased to work with books that align with our core values of bringing Life, Diversity and Hope