Fox Stew 2: Fox Stew Returns!

Fox Stew 2: Fun at the Zoo by children’s author / PageMaster creative, Sandy Smith is now available on PageMaster

Front cover of Fox Stew 2 by Sandy Smith

Readers and followers of Sandy’s Smith’s Fox Stew series will not be disappointed with its sequel, Fox Stew 2.

In this exciting sequel, Fox humbly invites Hen to dine at the zoo to enjoy some fine food and a sandwich or two. His intention is honest and commendable – to make up for his devious deeds and to seek forgiveness from Hen.

This story concludes the Fox Stew series with a happy ending (and who doesn’t appreciate a happy ending eh?). The author certainly does, emphasizing that the sequel is basically a “story of reconciliation, hope and belief, second chances and forgiveness, ” which can be seen in the main character’s transformation in the end:

“Sneaky sly Fox becomes kind-hearted and good. He was a talented chef; proud he now stood! Fox had come a long way from his days in the den, all because of a plan of a very brave Hen. One day the papers arrived and took Fox’s picture. He smiled for the cameras while he whipped up a mixture.”

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