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Help Canadian Creatives Successfully Publish

Join PageMaster as a team member, supplier or freelancer and assist us in our goal of helping 5,000 Canadian creatives successfully publish before 2025. Our business is graphic communication. At our core, we take of an idea and grow it, and polish it, and reproduce it, and distribute it, so the idea takes root and bears fruit. We call this reproducing excellence.

PageMaster Publishing includes eight departments: 

  • customer service and sales including book coaching
  • editorial assistance including planning, proofreading, and editing
  • graphic design and production
  • art reproduction and finishing
  • printing and binding
  • online and physical store management and fulfillment
  • marketing assistance for creatives including web design, email and social media
  • administration and finance

If you are committed to excellence and interested in working with PageMaster as a team member, supplier or freelancer, we invite you to begin by joining our associates registry. Please provide information about your specialty, availability and interests so we can contact you with appropriate opportunities. The most common inquiry is for illustrators for children's books. 

Freelance Associate Registry

Your information will be entered in our database, reviewed by PageMaster staff, and used to match opportunities with talents. 

If you are a creative working in the Edmonton area you may be interested in ArtStream Project. Check