Just Published! – The Further Trouble with Idols

By Gregory A. Gibson

Idolatry causes disaster.

The truth is there is trouble with embracing idols.  But like so many other things, God has a plan to overcome all of this. Even in North America, a place where we seem to have everything, we really have nothing if Almighty God is left out of the picture.  Should we continue to ignore our Creator like we have in the past, we may very well see catastrophes that dwarf what we are witnessing in other parts of the world.  God is calling us back to Him, and we would do well to heed His call.

When we honestly confront the truth of who God is, whether we come to this point on our own or in having faced disaster, we land on the truth that God is who He says He is.  We must admit that He is the one, true God.  We will stop embracing a corrupted life and all that is counterfeit, and will agree with every living thing that has ever been created that God is God.  “Do you believe in one God?” James writes. “Good!  Even the demons believe that—and shudder.”

The Further Trouble With Idols is meant to complete the other pairing of books; it has a necessary part to play in God’s plan to redeem a prosperous part of the world that so desperately needs His love, but prostitutes itself away with all kinds of idolatry.

“We are entering a season where Almighty God is reaching His threshold for tolerating the idolatry of North America.”