PageMaster Announces the Launch of Author Sites

Those of us at PageMaster Publication Services are excited to announce the launch of Author Sites.

We work with artists who know they need a web presence but don’t have the skill do put up a great looking one that is created to be successful.  We’ll train artists to update as much as they want and have plans to do it all for them.

Choose from one of our three plans designed to give you what you need while listening to what you want.  With any plan, pick from one of our beautiful themes designed by our very own Dave Von Bieker. You need to check out the features and benefits yourself.

These sites are only for our artists or artists looking to use our services. They aren’t for the web nerds. They are for artists who know they need a great looking and effective website.

Check out what we can do for you today.

PageMaster blends art, craftsmenship and technology, creating appropriate graphic communication services to grow our clients’ business.