PageMaster Publishing store online with 678 products

The new PageMaster Publishing store is live on-line and supports artists as well as authors. With 678 products now on-line, is a key part of our goal of assisting 5,000 Canadian creatives to successfully publish before 2025.

PageMaster Publishing store online

In late 2016 we began signing artists to make their work available as prints to add to the books from our authors. A new site was created and today the PageMaster Publishing store includes 216 images, 381 titles and an additional 78 journals, cards and posters. Books are available in paperback and many in e-book formats. There are a number of sizes for the archival prints but don’t hesitate to request a custom size. Our canvas and paper prints will not fade for over 100 years and with 12 color printing they are rich and accurate. If you are in Edmonton you can order online and pickup in our shop, or come and browse.

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I encourage you to check out the broad variety of work available from Canadian authors and artists who we have gotten to know. The store truly reflects life, diversity and hope which is core to our purpose at PageMaster.

If you are considering publishing your work introduce yourself through our contact page.

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