printing for publication

We print small batches for publication

Books, art prints, cards, calendars, training material, newsletters and booklets are the core of our print offerings. Along with your actual publication product, we help with marketing material like bookmarks, table signs and invitation cards.  

Book printing for publication at PageMaster

Small-batch model

You can print one at a time, print a truck load, or print small batches. The small-batch model developed at PageMaster is eco-friendly and budget-friendly. We believe it meets the needs of most authors, artists, speakers and trainers. 

Changes, errors and updates are a reality, and small batches allow you to print and update as needed to ensure the best possible product. Batches reduce setup and administration costs saving you money. Paper use is efficient so there is minimal waste during production, or with outdated material you are no longer proud of

Think global, buy local

Supporting independent publishers is in itself a statement against corporate monopolies. As much as possible we buy from fellow Edmontonians, Albertans and Canadians. Softcover books and booklets are manufactured here in Edmonton. Design work is also local, supporting our city and colleges. 

Listed below are various printing services we offer. Don’t see your type of publication or have special requirements? That doesn’t mean we can’t do it! Just give us a call. If your product fits we’d be more than happy to start working with you right away.

Art Publishing

Having more than one price point in their offerings is important for artists. Archival giclee prints, art cards, postcards calendars and economical laser prints round out your offerings, and provide more sales and exposure for you and your work. 

Archival canvas

archival canvas prints for publication

Completed archival canvas prints ready for pickup.

The twelve color wide format produces stunning giclee quality that last for centuries. Media choices include: professional artist canvas, fine-art papers, and gloss, matte and metallic photo papers. We coat our canvas prints to further enhance the image and to protect from abrasion and airborne pollutants. Canvas prints are then hand stretched on custom bars and wired for hanging. Currently in-house framing options are limited, but available.

We also provide studio digital capture for originals. Color matching and proofing are part of our capture or scanning process. 

Art cards & Notecards

folding art and note card prints for publication

Folding cards in a variety of sizes: 5x7, quarter letter, 4x6, 9.25x4, 5.75 square

Art cards are another part of our printing for publication. They work well for many artists and photographers. Generally these are blank on the inside and have the the name of the piece, the artists name and website on the back. White envelopes and clear bags complete the package. Cards, bag and envelope are under a dollar each. One-time initial setup is available. 

We recommend a batch of 48 or more cards to amortize the equipment setup cost over the run. Images can be mixed within each size with no additional setup cost.  

We stock envelopes and clear bags for standard card sizes. 

Books, and other printed publishing products 

Books include: workbooks, references guides, novels, how-to guides, biographies, text books, year books, poetry collections, anthologies, journals, graphic novels, cookbooks, art books, illustrated children's books, … 

Combining digital printing technology with traditional bindery yields high quality control and cost effective printing for publication. Book batches of 20 to 200 are our most common order. Independent authors, smaller publishing houses, trainers and associations often benefit from these smaller batches which PageMaster excels at. Rather than printing one book at a time on letter paper, most paperback books are printed four at a time with only 1/4 inch trim and much less paper going to the recycling bin

You can order only as many books as you need when you need them. Most reorders are are filled in five working days, minimizing warehousing, cash and obsolescence factors. You get to keep your garage clear and not have stock outs. Complimentary electronic storage of your materials means your book can be “in print” forever.

Our most common paperback book size is 5.25 x 8 inches. The 6 x 9 size is becoming increasingly popular with our clients and offers larger images and margins. Overall costs are similar up to about 200 pages, when the larger cover on a 6x9 book reduces printing efficiency. Letter size and 9x12 books are not as common, but part of the regular workflow. 

Illustrated books samples

A few sample illustrated children's books from the PageMaster selection. 

BOOKLET, usually refers to a smaller stapled (saddle-stitched) book. In the image above, only 'Twas the night was stapled. Occasionally a booklet is just folded. Newsletters, comics, reports, product manuals and promotional materials often fall into this binding category. 

Binding options

Because of our focus on books, we have had in-house binding for paperback books since 2001. Bindery includes a  folder and bookletmaker for newsletters and booklets, a paper drill, and a massive 40 inch cutter. For coil journals and cookbooks we have an high-capacity punch and inserter.  

uv coating a book cover

UV coating enhances and protects covers. It is included in all our book print pricing.

UV COATING: For book covers we don't see coating as an option, it is included. It doesn't pull or peal like lamination, yet provides essential protection.

PERFECT BINDING (paperback): our most common binding. Books lay quite flat when the paper grain is properly aligned. Our binder, mills and notches the spine to ensure solid adhesion. This glue is awesome and your book will stay together. There is a bit more setup to align a thin spine and it is best to have the image wrap to give some tolerance.

COIL BINDING: cookbooks, some journals and other applications where laying absolutely flat is essential. Lacks a printed spine and takes more work and material than paperback.  

WIRE-O BINDING: used for some reports and journals. Pages align when opened (coil binding pages are offset). Less options and more work than coil. 

SADDLE STITCH: is the least cost and works well for up to 40 pages. When images go across the spine saddle-stitching has an advantage. In perfect binding you lose part of the image in the spine. In coil or wire binding the pages are apart. Most newsletters are saddle-stitched. 

PUNCHED and shrink wrapped course packs or fully assembled binders. We can ship your binders or books directly to your speaking or training location. 

Extra services:

On-line or phone orders for your books, manuals or art can be handled by PageMaster providing payment, mailing and tracking services.

Book, Magazine, Newsletter & Journal production

From short run publications to comp copies for a new publication, PageMaster is your publications expert. With over 10 years experience with newspapers and magazines we can facilitate your project, whatever your needs. Ask about ad design, content creation, layout, editing and scanning.

Course Packs

Course packets allow you to tailor instructional materials to fit your class, your syllabus, your teaching style and your students. Complete binders, shrink-wrapped and binder ready, soft cover or booklet stitched options or combinations can be printed (and shipped) for each class or season ensuring content is always up-to-date.

Conference Programs and Speaker Handouts

Personalizing your materials to the individuals or location which you are presenting to is made easy with our services. You can also have a professional review your materials to avoid embarrassing errors with our copy editing and proofreading services.

Marketing material to support publishing

From bookmarks to launch posters and interior signage, marketing material is an important component in publishing. We also print invitation cards and postcards. And in this digital age we also create and manage web sites for authors and artists