Since 1996 PageMaster has been providing innovative and efficient services for magazines, newspapers, directories, newsletters, booklets and books from Edmonton’s downtown.

Initially PageMaster provided graphic design and production services for publications such as Edmonton Senior and Edmonton Woman. Our client base now includes associations, institutions and businesses, as well as publishers. We are happy to report a very loyal clientele including those from Chicago, Toronto and Victoria.

Our expertise and understanding of the industry empowers us to partner with your organization through the publication process, from creation to production to distribution. We provide services for your project from inception to shipping.


Our creative team can build your publication from the ground up. We can help you gather content and design your document.


Assistance with setting up your publication, clarifying objectives, addressing communication planning, design, “break of book”, layout and best options will get your publication up to speed sooner, with less grief, and lower overall costs. Ongoing assistance is available in planning and managing your publication.


You are welcome to draw on PageMaster for professional journalism, copywriting and photography (both custom and stock) for your publication project. If your project has stalled before it gets started you may want to consider assistance in this critical area.


Putting together the look and feel of your publication can be done as part of the full project, or a template can be created for in-house use by your staff.


We are able to scan images and capture original artworks on site. Our flat bed scanner (Epson Perfection V750 Pro) features true 6400 DPI resolution and an enhanced optical system (High-Pass Optics) which produces extremely sharp and detailed images. We can even scan documents and transform them into editable text for use in a project. This can save time on retyping text from a hard copy. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can recognize most text documents for use in the digital environment.

From photographs to data entry, we can digitize all the elements of your publication preparing them for assembly in the digital work-flow.

When your publication is complete, web files can be made available to post to your website, extending the reach of your publication.


We use sophisticated online project management software, called PACE, with our clients to manage file submissions, revisions, and communication on complex projects. This web based tool is easy to learn and it keeps projects organized, reduces travel requirements and speeds up the process of creating and collaborating on publications. We offer this tool to our clients at no additional charge.


Publications are more than just laying out pages and printing them.  PageMaster has the systems and experience to efficiently produce your publication to professional standards.

As well as full creation services we have the ability to do paperback, coil and wire binding as well as saddle stitching and a range of other finishing processes to compliment our advanced production abilities. We provide full color and black and white printing services for your publication, and specialize in printing smaller runs in-house.

When newspapers and magazines require a larger run than we print in-house, we can prepare print-ready files for larger print runs anywhere.

Services for Publishing

Here are some down-loadable files regarding our detailed services of publishing.

Finishing Services (66k PDF)
Digital Printing (64k PDF)
Publications (63k PDF)

Want more details on what we can offer on the production side? Visit our production page here.


We’ve done just about everything with a publication, including mailing it out for our clients. When your newsletter, magazine, community paper, flyer or any other publication is ready to meet your world, we can help you share it in print and online.

If you would like to find out more about what PageMaster can bring to your publication, contact us today.

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