Reinventing My World, A Story of Healing

Reinventing My World: Life After Stroke by new PageMaster creative, Joslien Wannechko, is now available on PageMaster!

Front cover of Reinventing My World: Life After Stroke by Joslien Wannechko

Not everyone lives to tell their story after a major stroke. Joslien Wannechko’s personal memoir, Reinventing My World: Life After Stroke will inspire you and move you. In the author’s own words, “If you allow yourself to feel defeated, you will be. You can give up and dwell on how unfair life is. Or like me, you can choose to fight back.”

Although Reinventing My World: Life After Stroke embodies the idea that there is a thin line between life and death, the story is not simply about the author’s determination to survive after a stroke, it is also about her persistence to thrive, and in the process, reinvent her world. It’s no wonder she writes:

“I understand the medical perspective, however in my pursuit of personal growth I have learned everything happens for a reason. The body is much more than just a physical entity. Mental, emotional, and spiritual elements come into it. I tried to look at my situation dispassionately.”

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