Rhonda McDougall Art Cards and Prints

Myrtle Beach Balcony, image copyright Rhonda McDougal

Myrtle Beach Balcony, image copyright Rhonda McDougall

Rhonda McDougall has been discovering beauty in the world around her for a long time. She has been capturing that beauty in photographs, and until now, those photographs have not gone far from home. But that is all about to change.

“Finding the PageMaster ad in Edmonton Senior newspaper opened a door for me”, writes Rhonda, “Sarah and Dale were patient and encouraging when I spoke with them about my photos and the greeting cards I’ve been doing. Their sincereity and willingness to help prompted me to take the leap of faith. I’m excited about this …”

We are excited too, as Rhonda’s photos are excellent and we believe they are a great fit for art cards and prints. We look forward to helping Rhonda not only produce these products, but also get them into peoples hands and develop a base of support for her work. In the future we hope to work with Rhonda to build a website for her images, and to sell some of her cards and prints on Shop PageMaster, our forthcoming online store for the work of PageMaster artists and authors.

“You’ve provided a lot of valuable information”, continues Rhonda. “Thank you. I have faith in the creativity, skills and guidance PageMaster staff/artists offer clients”.

We love to hear kind words from our clients, but our greatest pleasure is watching them refine and share their work and then find an audience for it. We look forward to Rhonda’s continuing story.

Have you considered reproducing your artwork? From capture to cards and canvas and prints, we’ve got you covered. Why not contact us today to find out more.
  • Jean Morgan says:

    These are magnificent photos. I would like to know the size and cost. Am particularly interested in The Balcony, THe Pelican Head and Myrtle Beach Evening Dance.


  • Christine Stuart says:

    Rhonda’s photography is inspiring. I would hate to give these cards away. I am interested in seeing
    more of her work.
    Christine Stuart

  • Isa Duxbury says:

    I have seen earlier photos taken by Rhonda as well. It would be nice to have a collection of them to send to friends at special dates. There is some warmths and connection to her subjects making her photographs unique.

  • Anita Ellis says:

    I am absolutely in awe of Rhonda’s photograpy!
    She truly has an excellent eye for the artistic quality of photographs and is able to take a photograph to the level of emotion and appreciation.
    Please let me know if and when her photos will become available.
    Regards……..Anita Ellis

  • Rita Rieper says:

    Rhonda’s photos are excellent in style and artistic quality I have always admired her work – how she makes it easy to see through her eyes the beauty of our world around us.
    I would like to see more of her work and would like to learn when her cards come available for purchase.
    Rita Rieper

  • laurie says:

    What an extraordinairy find! The pictures illicit emotion as they convey what the eye has captured. Something really comes through on each of these… I’ll be ordering a set to have on hand; I hope more will follow. GOOD stuff.

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