Author Sites

PageMaster Sites are tailored to the needs of authors. We’ve printed a lot of books and worked with many authors through the self-publishing process, right on through marketing a book. PageMaster Sites for authors seek to provide a simple, effective way for authors to maintain a web presence, and get their books in the hands of readers. You can view our example sites here.

Content for Authors

We’ve put together a set of ‘starter’ pages that will serve the needs most authors have online.

  • Providing a sample chapter is a great way to generate interest for your book, and we’ll have you put one up.
  • When talking with the media, publishers or bookstores, a media kit can be very helpful, and we’ll walk you through that, too.
  • About the author provides a place for your brief bio, which we can help you craft if you need.
  • The contact page makes it easy for readers and others to get in touch with you about your work.
  • You may have speaking engagements related to your book, or want to list upcoming signings. For both, you’ll make use of your upcoming events page, complete with a full featured online calendar.
  • Sales should be a main goal of your website, and we’ll make sure a clear link to purchase your books is on every single page.
  • The homepage displays some basic information about you and your work, as well as dynamic content from other areas of the site, like your blog.
  • The blog can provide a way to document work in progress, share supplemental content and engage with your readers. Need a page we haven’t listed? You can create as many as you like.

Features for Authors

Do you have an email newsletter? If you do, we’ll add a form to your site. If you don’t, we’ll help you start one for free. It’s a great way to create a fan base around your writing. Social media? PageMaster Sites make sharing your content with facebook and twitter a snap. PDF downloads? We can do that. Image galleries? Got it. Want to embed a YouTube video? Easy. Online discussions? Our WordPress-powered sites can allow comments from visitors.

Design for Authors

We’ve designed a series of themes, or templates, that look professional and put clear focus on your writing. You can view our growing list of available themes here.

Updates for Authors

If you have a PageMaster Sites website, and have work captured by PageMaster, we will also upload that work to your website at no extra charge. This takes a lot of the work out of building your online portfolio. Other updates, like an upcoming event, blog post or a change in contact details can be handled by choosing the appropriate Site Plan.

Contact PageMaster to get started today or call 780-425-9303.