Sizing Up Your Images for Print

You’ve shot that masterpiece image of the Canadian rockies, and it is breathtaking. It’s so breathtaking, you’d love to see it printed on a canvas and hung on your living room wall. Or, perhaps you’d love to print some cards of your images to sell, promote your photography or give to friends and family. But you hesitate. You’ve seen some bad prints of images before. Big, bad, blocky, blurry prints, looking like the image below, to the right.

You don’t want to mar your masterpiece. You wonder, how can I be sure this image will print well?

So glad you asked.

We have written up a comprehensive page answering that question and questions like it. You’ll learn why your image could very well be good to go already, and what numbers to look for when preparing an image for print. You’ll learn about megapixels, pixels per inch, pixel dimensions, and likely as much as you’ll ever want to know about our little digital friend, the pixel.

Head on over and have a look on our photo resolution page.