Art Stream: Space to Create and Celebrate

Conducive, collaborative, community, creative. These are words that describe the art and publishing centre being birthed on 120th Street.

The space is anchored with a gallery–coffee shop meeting area to both celebrate accomplishments and build relationships. Watch for book launches, art show openings and readings in the evenings, and expect a great collaborative meeting place for business and ideas during regular hours. We believe that you will be more creative and productive when surrounded with inspiration and the venue surrounds you with with unique and inspirational local art.

A collaborative space for ideas leads to the need for space to develop them. Spacious studios are available on a permanent, monthly or casual basis. For communicators working primarily on computers, work stations are available.

Conversations and collaboration sometimes need more private space and find their way into quiet nooks and meeting rooms. “Booths” provide sound proofing when calls require it.

We hope to see the space filled with people from all aspects of the communication arts — authors, editors, designers, illustrators, web developers, game creators, painters, photographers, marketers, proofreaders… Some will work full-time here, others will use Art Stream Centre as a base, and for those getting back into the studio or with other full-time commitments casual shared space can be ideal.

If you are interested in studio, computer or meeting space use the inquiry to or 780-425-9303.