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3 Shashi in sari signing a copy of her book

Sari on the Snow launched

Shashi Kaila’s “Sari on the Snow” launched to a standing-room only crowd at the Strathcona Seniors Centre today. This is the story of a couple from India making a home in northern Alberta in the ’60s. It is a story of community and challenge, adjustment and courage. Stories like this broaden our vision and create […]

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How to Evaluate Possible Online Marketing Sources For Your Book

At PageMaster Publication Services we want you to create your book market plan around your strengths. Almost everyone has heard of Social Media and if you have you’ve likely heard of Social Media Marketing. The premise of social media marketing is to serve before you sell. If you’re not already in these communities, there is […]

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How to Decide On Potential Publicity Outlets for Your Book

At PageMaster Publication Services we know an efficient and effective way to let potential readers know about your book is to reach them through the publicity, marketing, and sales outlets where you are most likely to get their attention. Revisit the post in this series entitled “17 Ways to Focus on Your Book’s Key Audience.” […]

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How to Create an Effective Elevator Pitch for Your Book

It’s time to put the research you’ve done in this series of post into tools that will be useful for you. Let’s start with the Value Proposition and move to the Elevator pitch. Value Proposition You’ll be using this value proposition for a number of marketing purposes, so it’s important to play with the wording […]

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How to Define the Competition for Your Book

At PageMaster Publication Services we want to see your book sales goals achieved. One step in the process is defining the competition for your book. If there is no book that is like your book, give up trying to market it. If no one is buying it now, it won’t be bought when you come […]

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Just Published! – Letters From Jesus

By Glen Carlson In “Galatians” I have taken the letter of Paul and put it into the words of Jesus. To do this I have repeatedly asked the questions as I read each verse: What is Jesus telling me through this verse? How would Jesus write this verse in today’s setting? Listening to God is […]

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Just Published! – The Further Trouble with Idols

By Gregory A. Gibson Idolatry causes disaster. The truth is there is trouble with embracing idols.  But like so many other things, God has a plan to overcome all of this. Even in North America, a place where we seem to have everything, we really have nothing if Almighty God is left out of the […]

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