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2 Clair Woodbury

Discover Author Clair Woodbury

Clair Woodbury is author of several books available on PageMasterPublishing.ca including A New Take on an Ancient Story, Leadership for Today, PRISMS and Wings Like Eagles. Clair is an author, church consultant, and an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada.   More at PageMasterPublishing.ca

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The Journey We All Must Take by Ernest M Wood is A Collection of Poems, Thoughts and Smiles for Each Day's Journey

Discover Author Ernest M Wood

Ernest M Wood is author of The Journey We All Must Take available on PageMasterPublishing.ca. The Journey We All Must Take by Ernest M Wood is a collection of poems, thoughts and smiles for each day’s journey. These writings were written in 2009 by Ernest M Wood. Some of the humour and spiritual digestion portions […]

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Outpouring of Living Water by Marlene Wilkinson

Discover Author Marlene Wilkinson

Marlene Wilkinson is author of Outpouring of Living Water available on PageMasterPublishing.ca Marlene Wilkinson, an ordained minister, has pastored churches in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Canada. She founded His Way Ministries in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada where she resides with her husband, Jack Wilkinson. His Way Ministries brings a prophetic message of faith, joy, love and […]

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urban Sanctuary

Discover Author Len Thompson

Len Thompson is the founder of the Institute for Evangelical Spiritual Formation, which is part of the Urban Centre based in Edmonton, Alberta. The Centre has a mandate to serve evangelical denominations, pastors and lay people by introducing and training them in the elements of spiritual formation, a key part of developing the inner life. […]

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know your god

Discover Author Vicki Poburan

Vicki Poburan is author of Know Your God available on PageMasterPublishing.ca She says about herself: I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1984. In the beginning of my walk with the Lord I was involved in prison ministry, Hope Mission, street ministry, children’s ministry, helps ministry and music ministry. As I grew […]

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Trevor Neil

Discover Author Trevor Neil

Dr. Trevor Neil is the author of Multicultural Evangelism , Pentecost, Past, Present and Future , Prophecies of Followers in the Last Days , Secrets of Couples Enjoying Togetherness , Training in Multicultural and Cross Cultures and Understanding the Oneness of God All of these are available on ShopPageMaster.ca Dr. T.B. Neil is a prolific […]

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Adolphus Kootenay author of Out of Bondage and God His Way is Perfect

Discover Author Adolphus Kootenay

Adolphus Kootenay is the author of Out of Bondage and God…His Way is Perfect  both are available on PageMasterPublishing.ca. Adolphus Kootenay, the youngest of five children, was born into the spirit world of his ancestors on July 12, 1945, near the western shores of beautiful Lac Ste. Anne in Alberta, Canada. For more than thirty years Kootenay lived in […]

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1 In the Beginning... God by Pamela Jones

Discover Author Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones is author of In the Beginning… God available at PageMasterPublishing.ca. The book explores the core issues of Christianity and faith. As we look into the many aspects of the Almighty, we open a world of inspiration and delight acknowledging the very presence of a majestic Creator desiring fellowship with mere man. He delights in His own, […]

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Harry J. Groenewold

Discover Author Harry J. Groenewold

Dr. Harry J. Groenewold  is author of From Antiquity to the Reformation and The Triumph of Modernity both are available at PageMasterPublishing.ca. Dr. Harry J. Groenewold was born in Holland and as a child immigrated to Canada with his family in 1954. He received his Master degree from the University of B.C. in 1969 and his Phd. from the […]

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