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How Do I Know If My Book Will Work for Young Adults?

I’ve been getting a lot  of emails from authors with similar questions. They want to know how to write for a certain market. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for any niche, you need to know the market you’re writing for. Here are my thoughts to someone who wanted to make sure her writing would […]

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Three Ways You Can Sell Your Book Online By Being A Resource for Others

At PageMaster Publication Services we want to see you succeed in your goals for the sale of your books. With advances in technology there are avenues open that weren’t available 5 years ago.  On the information superhighway there’s a thirst for more information. Having written a book, you may be the solution other people are […]

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Just Published! – The Further Trouble with Idols

By Gregory A. Gibson Idolatry causes disaster. The truth is there is trouble with embracing idols.  But like so many other things, God has a plan to overcome all of this. Even in North America, a place where we seem to have everything, we really have nothing if Almighty God is left out of the […]

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7 Questions to Help Give Your Readers What They Expect

At PageMaster Publication Services, we want you succeed. If there is no book that is like your book give up trying to market it. If no one is buying it now, it won’t be bought when you come on the scene. That’s a negative but realistic way to say, “People are reading books in your […]

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7 Questions to Help Your Vision For Your Book

The first time you write a book you have a message to get out or a story to tell. Most of us don’t think about our goals or expectations and until we know what to expect we have no idea what to expect. We’re here to help you at PageMaster. When you start the process […]

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