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1 Does Every Author Need A Book Marketing Plan?

Q. Does every author need a book marketing plan? A. No. Not every author wants to sell books. They want a few books to leave their family or organization they’ve worked with. Others know their target audience and know how to reach them. These authors are quite rare – and honestly a good book marketing […]

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Don’t Miss the Early Bird Deadline!

“Create Your Effective Book Marketing Plan Workshop” takes place Monday June 11 and Monday June 18. You’ll want to attend both sessions 6:30 – 7:30 @ PageMaster Publication Services (10180-105 Street Edmonton) Parking on the street is free after 6:00! Save when you register before May 30. After that the price for the full Registration […]

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How to Evaluate Possible Online Marketing Sources For Your Book

At PageMaster Publication Services we want you to create your book market plan around your strengths. Almost everyone has heard of Social Media and if you have you’ve likely heard of Social Media Marketing. The premise of social media marketing is to serve before you sell. If you’re not already in these communities, there is […]

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Three Things to Consider When You Set Your Book Marketing Budget

You’re going to need to budget your money and your time and work within both of these. It’s best to set them now as we’ll be setting a plan for social networking, advertising and media marketing. Once you have a general idea of the amount of money and time you are comfortable investing in the […]

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17 Ways to Focus on Your Book’s Key Audience

At PageMaster Publication Services we know that focusing on your book’s key audience will help you design a marketing plan that enables you to reach your publishing and sales goals. Who is your ideal or core target audience, and why? In order to identify what characteristics are shared by your ideal readers answer the following […]

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1 How to Define Your Vision of Publishing Success

How to Define Your Vision of Publishing Success

The first thing you need to do to develop a book marketing plan is to define your vision of publishing success. At Pagemaster Publication Services we can help you make it achievable. Why did you write this book? What are you trying to accomplish? What are your sales goals? Write down your personal goals, financial […]

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Why You Need A Book Marketing Plan

At PageMaster Publishing Services we want to see your book sales goals achieved. Your book is written. Your job is done. It’s time to just sit back and wait for the movie deal. Well, maybe not yet. There’s about 90% more work to do. In many ways, the toughest part is still left to be […]

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1 make a plan

36 Ways to Market Your Book

There are thousands of ways to market your book. It something you should be doing every day. You need to have a plan that focuses you on reaching your goals. You don’t have time to be all over the map and shouldn’t be told how “marketing must be done.” At PageMaster Publishing Services we work […]

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3 write a book

12 Steps to Publish a Book

When you are considering producing a book it can be overwhelming. At PageMaster Publishing Services we like to break down processes into it’s parts to bring clarity to every stage. These are the 12 steps we’re going to walk you through in this series.

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