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1 extra wide paper roll

The roll story – mammoth paper for comic challenge

A mammoth comic requires really big paper. Happy Harbor Comics owner Jay Bardyla was picking up an order in late September when he mentioned he was looking for some huge paper. He wanted to do a mammoth comic pushing Guinness records as part of the Royal Alberta Museum 48 hour closing party. The problem was […]

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Open Studio Days – come check out the place

  When PageMaster moved from downtown two years ago the concept of creating a collaborative community space for artists was birthed. Included in the vision was the desire to see a variety of creatives with an entrepreneur mindset that would result in freedom and stability. Publishing is core, and building marketing and fulfillment streams is […]

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Julie Drew author of God is My Refuge

Discover Author Julie Drew

  Julie Drew is author of God is My Refuge, an illustrated meditation on Hebrew words for “refuge”. Julie Drew, with her husband and four children, live in Edmonton, AB Canada. She is a professional artist. She earned a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA in 1987, and she has […]

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1 Dr. Norma Barnett

Discover Author Dr. Norma Barnett

  Dr. Norma Barnett is the Dean of Academics for Grace International Bible College in Edmonton, Alberta. She is also an Adjunct Professor of IAUGT Department of Christian Counseling, Dayton Ohio. She has a Bachelors degree in Nursing, an Education Diploma in Adult Education, a Bachelors and Masters degree in Christian Counseling and Christian education. […]

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How to Evaluate Possible Online Marketing Sources For Your Book

At PageMaster Publication Services we want you to create your book market plan around your strengths. Almost everyone has heard of Social Media and if you have you’ve likely heard of Social Media Marketing. The premise of social media marketing is to serve before you sell. If you’re not already in these communities, there is […]

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How to Write Your Long Author Bio

You are an expert, you just have to figure out how to make that apparent. At PageMaster Publication Services we can help. We’ve looked at Gathering Your Credentials, Gathering Your Endorsements, and How to Write Your Short Author Bio. In this post we’ll look at your Long Author Bio. The long bio is great for […]

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How to Prove the Value of Your Book – Your Endorsements

At PageMaster Publication Services we can help make the fact you’re an expert apparent to potential readers of your book. We wrote about gathering your credentials. In this post let’s look at getting together your endorsements. Never underestimate the power of social proofs. I am generally more willing to take a chance on a book […]

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3 Ways to Research Your Book Marketing Message

At Pagemaster Publication Services we want you to have a clear marketing message for your book. When someone asks you what your book is about, what they really want to know is, “Why should I read your book?” In other words, they want to hear a compelling argument. They want to know what your book’s […]

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