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Art Stream Centre supports local creatives

Art Stream Centre coffee-shop gallery in support of local artists, authors and freelancers with meeting space, rotating shows and book nook. Art Stream Centre, Edmonton’s newest arts hub, was created in response to felt needs of both community and marketing for creatives. The centre is envisioned to be a melting pot of creative energy; a […]

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Your Weekly Book Marketing Plan

This is the final post in this series. I hoped you enjoyed the posts along the way. They are listed in order at the bottom of every post in the series – I’ve got to love automation. Take your “Steps to Complete”  in the Marketing Plan Overview you created and make them into goals for […]

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How to Write Your Long Author Bio

You are an expert, you just have to figure out how to make that apparent. At PageMaster Publication Services we can help. We’ve looked at Gathering Your Credentials, Gathering Your Endorsements, and How to Write Your Short Author Bio. In this post we’ll look at your Long Author Bio. The long bio is great for […]

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3 Ways to Research Your Book Marketing Message

At Pagemaster Publication Services we want you to have a clear marketing message for your book. When someone asks you what your book is about, what they really want to know is, “Why should I read your book?” In other words, they want to hear a compelling argument. They want to know what your book’s […]

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10 Steps for a Hard Launch of Your Book

At PageMaster Publication Services we can help you launch your book. Are you going to do a hard launch or soft launch for your book? It’s not really a matter of difficulty. It’s more a matter of focus. A hard launch can make you a best-seller. A soft launch is less intense. A hard launch […]

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7 Questions to Help Give Your Readers What They Expect

At PageMaster Publication Services, we want you succeed. If there is no book that is like your book give up trying to market it. If no one is buying it now, it won’t be bought when you come on the scene. That’s a negative but realistic way to say, “People are reading books in your […]

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