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1 extra wide paper roll

The roll story – mammoth paper for comic challenge

A mammoth comic requires really big paper. Happy Harbor Comics owner Jay Bardyla was picking up an order in late September when he mentioned he was looking for some huge paper. He wanted to do a mammoth comic pushing Guinness records as part of the Royal Alberta Museum 48 hour closing party. The problem was […]

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Why You Need A Book Marketing Plan

At PageMaster Publishing Services we want to see your book sales goals achieved. Your book is written. Your job is done. It’s time to just sit back and wait for the movie deal. Well, maybe not yet. There’s about 90% more work to do. In many ways, the toughest part is still left to be […]

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Why Review Copies of Your Book Are So Important

Almost all publishing houses, self-publishing companies and publishing services companies provide the author with a final proof. Having a final look a the layout and design as well as a proofread for format errors is invaluable. But at PageMaster Publishing Services we go one step further. We provide you review copies. We print a short […]

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9 Front Matter Pages – Their Order and What To Include

At PageMaster Publishing Services we know that for a commercially viable book you’ll most likely want to work with a designer. Your designer enhances the tone of the book with their choices of fonts, spacing and format. Contact us today and ask us about our publishing services packages. You’ll want to come prepared. Here are […]

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3 Cover Design Tips You Should Consider For Your Book

When it comes to designing your covers with PageMaster Publishing Services let the designer design. Your job is to give clear direction regarding tone, feel and audience. This will result in a better cover design than if you dictate elements and fonts. There are a few things you should consider and bring to the table. […]

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9 Tips To Improve Your Writing

So you’ve planned your book and you’ve written the first draft. We’re excited for you here at Pagemaster Publishing Services. If you wrote it out long hand, take the time to type it into the processor. It’s best to do this yourself and not hire it out or give it to a friend. When you […]

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3 write a book

12 Steps to Publish a Book

When you are considering producing a book it can be overwhelming. At PageMaster Publishing Services we like to break down processes into it’s parts to bring clarity to every stage. These are the 12 steps we’re going to walk you through in this series.

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