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Joel Abrahamson is author of Alchemy Book One

Discover Author Joel Abrahamson

Joel Abrahamson is author of Alchemy Book One which is a pop-pulp noir graphic novel. It is available on PageMasterPublishing.ca He describes himself this way: Husband. Graphic Novelist. Christian. I want to help people with their journey from self abuse to self love. I’ve created the graphic novel alchemy with hopes it’ll translate lost people into the […]

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Run With The Horses by Kevin W Rose

Discover Author Kevin Rose

Kevin W. Rose is author of Run with the Horses and The Frog Factor both available on PageMasterPublishing.ca His books help people develop to their fullest potential. Run with the Horses is subtitled “Never Crawl with the Turtles” and The Frog Faster is written (because frogs can only move forward). Read excerpts and reviews at […]

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The Second Front

Discover Author Scott Nicholas Romaniuk

Scott Nicholas Romaniuk  is author of the book The Second Front available on PageMasterPublishing.ca Scott Nicholas Romaniuk was educated at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and Carleton University in Ottawa, where he specialized in military history, modern European history and politics, and war and society. An award-winning writer and historian with a special interest in […]

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Ray Lane author of In Chariots of Iron

Discover Author Ray Lane

Ray Lane is author of In Chariots of Iron. It is the personal adventures of a soldier in a Canadian Armoured Brigade during World War II. Join Ray Lane and his crew in a Sherman tank for a journey through the bloody battles of Normandy and northern Europe. It is available on PageMasterPublishing.ca More at PageMasterPublishing.ca

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Karin Kossman author of My Garden of Inspiration

Discover Author Karin Kossman

Karin Kossman is author of My Garden of Inspiration. It is available on PageMasterPublishing.ca  Karin immigrated to Canada from Denmark with her parents at the age of eight. They settled in a small community in Northern Alberta Shortly after their arrival and becoming familiar with their new surroundings, Karin started writing regular letters to a Danish newspaper, […]

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1 Kofi Harvey is author of Hunters and the Riddle at Star View Falls

Discover Author Kofi Harvey

Kofi Harvey is author of Hunters and the Riddle at Star View Falls. It’s available on PageMasterPublishing.ca Kofi Harvey has studied at George Brown College (Toronto, Ontario), as well as the Art Instruction School (Minneapolis, Minnesota), and his unending pursuit of knowledge has propelled him to further his education in the world of academia. His love […]

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1 In the Beginning... God by Pamela Jones

Discover Author Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones is author of In the Beginning… God available at PageMasterPublishing.ca. The book explores the core issues of Christianity and faith. As we look into the many aspects of the Almighty, we open a world of inspiration and delight acknowledging the very presence of a majestic Creator desiring fellowship with mere man. He delights in His own, […]

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1 For the Sake of Diabetes by Maxine Elaine James

Discover Author Maxine Elaine James

Maxine Elaine James is author of For the Sake of Diabetes it is available on PageMasterPublishing.ca. It is the true story of overcoming the effects of juvenile diabetes. Maxine describes the book this way: This non-fiction story is the revelation of having diabetes at a tender age of twelve-years-old or younger. I struggled hard in accepting the fact […]

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1 Wacked - a book of humor by DaveHammer

Discover Author Dave Hammer

Dave Hammer is author of  Wacked – a book of humor available on PageMasterPublishing.ca Dave Hammer (pronounced haw-mer) is a graduate of Taylor University College in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He left his day job in 2006 to pursue writing full time. He currently lives in Western Canada. For Dave’s story see his autobiography “From Out of […]

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Harry J. Groenewold

Discover Author Harry J. Groenewold

Dr. Harry J. Groenewold  is author of From Antiquity to the Reformation and The Triumph of Modernity both are available at PageMasterPublishing.ca. Dr. Harry J. Groenewold was born in Holland and as a child immigrated to Canada with his family in 1954. He received his Master degree from the University of B.C. in 1969 and his Phd. from the […]

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