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Art Stream Centre information released

The numbers have been crunched and membership and working options for freelancers, artists and creatives are now available. We trust the space to fill quickly with great people. More information has been posted here. Thursday’s in January are open house days, with information sessions at 1, 4 and 7. If you are looking for studio […]

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Space to create and celebrate

Conducive, collaborative, community, creative. These are words that describe the art and publishing centre being birthed on 120th Street. The space is anchored with a gallery–coffee shop meeting area to both celebrate accomplishments and build relationships. Watch for book launches, art show openings and readings in the evenings, and expect a great collaborative meeting place […]

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1 writing for young adults

How Do I Know If My Book Will Work for Young Adults?

I’ve been getting a lot  of emails from authors with similar questions. They want to know how to write for a certain market. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing for any niche, you need to know the market you’re writing for. Here are my thoughts to someone who wanted to make sure her writing would […]

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how to write for the kids you want to write for

How Do I Know What Age Group I’m Writing For?

We get asked great questions from people looking for advice. Here’s a question I know many people have so I’m posting my advice here.   Question  I’m a young fiction writer. I’m looking some of my stories published. I’m not a professional, but I took a creative writing course in High School, only a year […]

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How to Write Your Short Author Bio

You are an expert, you just have to figure out how to make that apparent. At PageMaster Publication Services we can help. We’ve looked at Gathering Your Credentials and Gathering Your Endorsements in this post we’ll look at How to Write Your Short Author Bio. There are 2 types of bios you’re going to need. […]

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12 Steps to Self Edit Your Book

At PageMaster Publication Services we help you put the best foot forward. Below you will find a list of common mistakes all writers make. Use this checklist to effectively self-edit your writing. I recommend you use the “Find” function within your word processor to locate particular errors that you might not catch with the naked […]

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9 Tips To Improve Your Writing

So you’ve planned your book and you’ve written the first draft. We’re excited for you here at Pagemaster Publishing Services. If you wrote it out long hand, take the time to type it into the processor. It’s best to do this yourself and not hire it out or give it to a friend. When you […]

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