Three buildings south

PageMaster is moving three buildings south to 11340 120 Street

PageMaster is moving three buildings south to 11340 120 Street

The search for a place to flourish has led us just three buildings south, to the historic Grinnell Warehouse at 11340 120 Street. Built between 1951 and 1953, the building has character and space to grow our vision of a vibrant publishing centre.

Over the last few years our business has evolved from the primary driver being newspaper, magazine and directory publication graphics, to focus on books, manuals and art reproduction. After 16 years downtown, we moved to the Prince Rupert area near the city centre airport. This central location has been easily accessible for our many out-of-town clients coming in on the Yellowhead. Transit service is much better than an industrial area but there is a short walk to 111 Avenue, 124 Street or Kingsway bus stops. We have enjoyed the quiet and the rents are lower, too.

There are times when a transplant is rejected and that is a fair analogy for the move PageMaster experienced in 2012. The timing and resources necessary for the Art Stream Centre did not fall into place leaving us stretched and exhausted. The building is in the process of changing hands and we need to get into a stable, healthy environment. I trust the lessons are well learned and 2014 is a strong healthy year.

Studio space, building community, sharing resources, and training which were central in the Artstream vision are still very much a part of our dream. In fact, our space includes multiple studio spaces and a 1900 square foot space with over 25 feet of ceiling height which we intend to be multipurpose. I look forward to seeing excellent work and some great footage being produced.

Your patience and grace are appreciated during the transplanting process as workstations are setup and things are found. We will strive to get the work out as fast as possible so none of your schedules are compromised. Our primary focus over the next 90 days is to get fully rooted.

11340 120 Street - Grinnell Warehouse

Street view of our new location in the Grinnell Warehouse. The closest door is our entrance. Currently there is only one address for the entire building.

The new building address is 11340 120 Street T5G 0W5  and we are at the north east end of the building. Phone and internet addresses remain and are scheduled to move Friday, January 17th.

PageMaster is a complete Canadian publishing service
championing works of life, diversity and hope.


  • Reuben Bauer says:

    Good !!!

  • Gail Seemann says:

    Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing your new place.

  • Brenda Maller says:

    So glad that you have all found a new home… and that the dream lives, for its a magnificent dream that deserves to flourish. Good luck with the move and settling in. I know with you that something magnificent is happening now!


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