Who We Are

PageMaster Publishing, who we are

The idea that most represents the foundation of PageMaster is full service for communication art – the taking of an idea and growing it, and polishing it, and reproducing it, and distributing it, so the idea takes root and bears fruit. We call this reproducing excellence.

There is a multiplying that is critical – I don’t see us doing all the work, but rather teaching and empowering and equipping. The team approach is also key – individuals work in their strength and allow others in the community to share in other aspects such as marketing, editing or distribution.

Individualism can be strong in the creative disciplines but art is about communicating and knowing each other. Building community brings strength both to the artist group and also to the entire region. The result is, creating more and better art that is from us, and speaks to us. A strong communication arts base gives us a sense of identity as a region and as individuals, building cohesiveness, expression, resilience and understanding.


PageMaster is a complete Canadian publishing service,
championing works of life, diversity and hope.

For visual art, photographs, words, stories, how-to or inspiration we blend design, craftsmanship and technology so you shine.

PageMaster produces and distributes effective graphic communications that challenge thinking, change perceptions, create understanding and build community. We are tooled to provide ecologically sound and effective support to artists, authors, publishers and organizations through our small batch model. PageMaster strives for excellence – great work for good people.

How we help

If your project is a book, newsletter, art card, prints or other publication, you can look to PageMaster for professional, personal service with on-time delivery and excellent workmanship. Our ecologically-friendly small batch model provides the books or prints you need saving cash, risk, capital and potential embarrassment. You are proud of your work, and wise.

We bring together design, writing, editing,, photography, page makeup, digital printing, bindery, web and distribution services to provide a complete package for your publication needs.

If your project is a publication you can look to PageMaster for professional and yet personal service with on-time delivery and excellent work.


The focus of PageMaster’s skill, equipment and work flow is on publications.

In-house digital printing, perfect binding and distribution services set PageMaster apart as an efficient book printer and partner for publishers. Our small batch model fits between one-off print-on-demand and traditional offset meeting the need for the 100 books at a time speaker, author or publisher.

High resolution artwork capture and workflow provide the starting point for our art reproduction services. Art sales and framing services are developing with focus on services for visual artists and fine art photographers..

Booklets, newsletters, cards, studio space, web sites and promotional material are included in our design and production repertoire.

If your project is a publication, look to PageMaster for personal service, high value, and on-time delivery.


Initially PageMaster provided design and graphic production services with a vision of becoming an agency for publishers – providing a full range of in-house or brokered services.  The business was operated as a proprietorship prior to incorporation on March 20th, 1996 as an Alberta company (20688584). The majority of work at that time was newspaper, magazine and directory graphic production.

In 1998 litho film was produced in-house, saving turn-around time and proofing for our publishers. Digital printing followed and we installed our first binder in 2001 and began producing paperback books in-house. Art reproduction began as prints on our Indigo, with canvas printing added on a 12 color HP z3100 in 2007. Distribution for books began in 2004 and is now supported by our on-line store at PageMasterPublishing.ca which also includes art prints.

After 17 years downtown PageMaster moved near the city centre airport where there is free parking, less traffic and easier access. Art storage, full book distribution and studio rentals are now part of the publication services offered. The vision for our distribution service is to become the go-to place for regional books and art. Gathering, polishing, reproducing, distributing to keep our culture strong, diverse and vibrant.

PageMaster is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, Canadian Printing Industries Assn., Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, Digital Printing Council, and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Our Team

PageMaster is a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to sharing your story with your world. While we hope you drop by and say hello soon, you can meet us online on our team page.

Keep In Touch

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