Adjusting Your Contact Form in Your PageMaster Site

PageMaster SitesAt PageMaster we want you be successful in your online marketing. We create websites  and provide you training  to see you succeed. This post is part of our series from our Site Training Workbook.

Probably the only thing you need to adjust in your contact form is where email from your site will be sent. To change this click on “Contact” in the WP admin sidebar and you’ll be taken to the page to change this.

Chances are you’ll only have one form available. If you have more you need to change the email on the right form or remember to change it on all the forms.

Below the form itself is the mail settings. You can change the To: email there and hit save and it the form will now be sending mail to where you want it go.

Test it out on the front end to be sure.

The contact form is powerful and if you’re up to the challenge play with it for other forms. Pagemaster only provides support for the forms we do up.

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