3 Ways to Research Your Book Marketing Message

At PageMaster Publication Services we want you to have a clear marketing message for your book.

When someone asks you what your book is about, what they really want to know is, “Why should I read your book?” In other words, they want to hear a compelling argument. They want to know what your book’s key marketing message is. This exercise will help you distill what it is.

1. Category – what category does your book fall under – search the BISAC or Amazon list and include all relevant ones.

2. Rank Category Relevance – pick the top 5 -7 and rank in order of most relevant

3. KeyWords – If someone was searching for your book in a search engine, what would they search for? You can use a tool like https://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/ for help.

What do you do with this information?

Focus on the Features and Benefits

Your book serves a purpose—it offers some sort of benefit to the potential reader. Perhaps it solves a problem, meets a desire, informs or entertains—but there was a purpose behind your decision to write and publish your book.

In order to effectively market your book to your intended audience, you will have to identify and articulate to potential readers what benefits they will be able to gain by buying and reading your book. I’ll introduce the standard marketing principle of benefit before features so you don’t get into the trap of telling people about your book without telling them what your book will do for them.

  • Imagine the potential reader of your book and why they might seek out your book in the first place.
  • Describe the benefit that your reader will likely experience as a result of reading your book.
  • Finally highlight the features in your book that will help the reader.

You’ll use this material in a later blog post to create an effective elevator pitch. Contact PageMaster Publication Services to help you create your book marketing plan.

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