4 Tips to Write an Effective Newsletter

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Think of your newsletter as your #1 marketing effort. It really can be. It connects you with the readers of your blog and builds the trust and relationship you need. Internet marketers will always tell you, “The money is in the list.” You’ll have the most sales from your newsletter list – if you write an effective newsletter.

Here are 4 Tips that will help you write an Effective Newsletter.

1. Have an unique selling proposition for your newsletter itself.

Include different content than you do on the blog. That’s not to say you don’t post the content of the newsletter on your blog but don’t simply re-use already posted material. If you’ve written a historical fiction book and you blog about the time period your book is set in, maybe your newsletter can be on how a mother of three teenage boys can make time to write.

To find out if that’s what your readers would respond to get to know your readers. Ask questions, take polls, consider comments. Once you have your USP for the newsletter write content with it in mind.

2. Publish your newsletter consistently.

It doesn’t matter if it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly but let subscribers know your schedule and stick to it.

What matters is how much time you have and how much time it takes to create the content for a newsletter that meets your high standards. The purpose of your newsletter is also important. If the purpose is to bring daily encouragement, it had better be a daily newsletter. (A word of advice – no one likes more than 1 daily newsletter and setting up 365 is a lot of work.)

3. Add Interest to Your Newsletter

Include a Photo – Format for reading online (bullets, fonts, appropriate use of bold text) – Make it personable – mix it up with a video message – let your readers in on a secret – be honest – Inform first, sell second –

4. Integrate Your Newsletter Marketing
If social networking is part of your overall marketing strategy, include links to your profiles so your readers can connect with you.

If viral marketing is part of your strategy offer a download and encourage people to share it with their friends.

If SEO is part of of your strategy consider including a notice in your newsletter that allows people to reprint your material as long as they don’t make any changes and they keep any links intact.

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