How to Work with Tags In WordPress

PageMaster SitesAt Pagemaster we want you be successful in your online marketing. We create websites  and provide you training  to see you succeed. This post is part of our series from our Site Training Workbook.

If categories are the trellis for the vine of your blog to grow on, tags are the wild vines being tamed by your design.

Tags are another way for people to navigate your blog and find the information they are looking for. You can manage tags similarly to how you manage categories.

First you can add tags in the Admin Dashboard under “Posts”. Click it and you’ll be able to manage tags, their slugs and descriptions. Many themes don’t show the description of tags so don’t worry about adding it.

It’s easier to add tags while you “Add a Post”. In the right widget area you’ll see a spot for tags. I think of tags like keywords for people. Keywords – what your post is about – should be placed in the keyword meta-tag for good on-page SEO. This is so search engine bots know what your post is about. You can usually take those keywords and make them tags, so people know what your post is about. You can also choose from previous tags if that’s easier for you, which it may be at times.

Remember, tags should tell people what your post is about. You don’t need a lot of tags, but you should have some on every post.

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