How to Work with Categories In WordPress

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Think of categories as the rung on the trellis. They provide support for the growing vine of your blog. Focusing on what your blog is about will show you what categories you should be creating. It’s important to think ahead about this. You don’t want to be in the place where you have 1000 posts and need to get rid of 30 categories. Keep your content focused on what you’ve planned to talk about.

Now categories can be all over the map, that’s OK.  Michael Hyatt does this at by sticking to six categories – Leadership, Productivity, Publishing, Social Media, Resources and the catch-all Miscellany.

You can work with categories in WordPress in two ways.

You can add categories in the right widget area in “Add A Post”. This is not advisable if you want to stick to those five or six areas to keep your blog tight.

The other way is in the Admin Dashboard, under the “Posts” tab you’ll find “Categories”. Here you can add any category you want, create a url-friendly slug, and even provide a description that shows up in some themes when people click on the category.

Categories help keep you focused on what you’re blogging about. Use them to keep your writing tight.

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