7 Reasons to Write a Book

write a bookIf you’re thinking about writing a book we’d love to know why you’re doing it. Here are a few reasons people have given us already.

1. Free publicity. It’s much easier to get radio, TV, magazine and online publicity if you have a book. The media need experts to interview, and often call ?upon authors to comment on timely topics in the news.

2. More sales leads and referrals. Once you have a book, you can promote and sell it to your existing customers. Some authors give their books away to key clients to create more word of mouth. This is a great way for people in a service business to generate referrals, since a book is much more powerful than a brochure.

3. Speaking engagements. People who book for corporate events, conferences or workshops may never have heard you speak, but they know people want to hear from someone who’s written a book.

4. Higher fees. People are willing to pay an expert more money than someone without that expertise. Having your name on a book usually leads to higher name recognition–and the ability to command higher fees.

5. Dream customers will find you. The best way to take your client base to the next level is to find customers who can spend a lot more money with you. This is something that happens all the time for authors. Their completed book is like having ?a marketing agent that never sleeps; it continues to build exposure and bring in new clients.

6. It could lead to a whole new future. Your book can make the difference between feeling stuck in your current career and doing what you’re really called to do.

7. Because you have something to say. You’ve got something to say and a book is a great way to get it out through media, business, speaking engagements, and social media.

What other reasons do you have for writing a book? Leave it in the comments.

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