7 Tips for Marketing Your Book Online

At PageMaster Publication Services we want to help you reach your book marketing goals. Marketing online is a great avenue to include in your book marketing plan.

Here are:

7 Tips for Marketing your Book Online

  1. Include your book in your social networking profile.
  2. Put links in your profile to where your book is written.
  3. Blog up to half your book or earlier edition.
  4. Give away a few chapters to grow your email list and fan base.
  5. Set up your blog as your social hub, update all your social networks through it.
  6. Include your author bio and link to your book sale page in the footer of your emails.
  7. Become an expert on Amazon by commenting on books in your genre. Be helpful and others will check you out.

Do you have tips to share with others? Let’s keep this list growing. Put them in the comments. Thank you!

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