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Just Published! – Snowflake

Recently published here at PageMaster is the wonderful AND educational children’s book written by Ilona Ryder and illustrated by Junneal Gomez. How is a snowflake made? Check out their book today and find out! The best part is that this book has a dual purpose and doubles as a coloring book. Take a seat with […]

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Just Published! – Balkan Tattoo

Balkan Tattoo by Edin Viso is a truly amazing story and compilation of poetry – it is written by a proud Yugoslav (Edin Viso) who stopped writing when his compatriots disappointed him with their aggressive nationalism that ultimately caused the bloody war between brothers. It communicates the harmony between people who once knew that they […]

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Just Published! – Town Cop

Just Published here at PageMaster is Town Cop written by Dick Johnson (AKA Al Diwinson). Formerly a small town cop, Dick tells all (or most, rather) about the true events, struggles, and challenges he had faced. If you’re a native Albertan, you’ll probably recognize a lot of the small towns mentioned in this 400+ page […]

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