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Debbie Alger is author of No More Secrets. It is the inspirational true story of one woman’s journey. It is available on

No More Secrets by Debbie AlgerWhat People Are Saying

“We create an opportunity to make meaning of our life when we find the courage to tell our story. Debbie courageously has laid out for the reader, her journey from darkness and abuse to a richer, more fulfilling life. In doing so, she creates hope for the disfranchised…the abused, the violated, the diminished, the co-dependent… for every one of us who has suffered from the careless words and deeds of others. A powerful story of courage, healing and hope. Elizabeth Krupp, R.P.C., M.P.C.P. (retired)

“Debbie’s journey through abuse, neglect and self-doubt to a place of hope, peace and harmony is an inspiration for all of us with our own challenges.” Vivian Jacula, B.Ed.

“This courageous work, NO MORE SECRETS, offers us a glimpse into one woman’s guided journey into the light. It is a true inspiration to all seeking to connect with their higher-self.” Donna Lahoda, Co-creator of Abundance in Action

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